comments on snow leopards wallpapers

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by whisky-dave, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. whisky-dave

    whisky-dave Guest

    I'm looking forward to Apples next OS release of snow leopard.

    In a Mac NG someone has posted the Wallpapers for OX 10.6 snow leopard
    On looking through them I don;t think much of the snow leopard pictures,
    the 'scratch' one I think is just passable but as for the others I think
    are a bit poor, one looks fake and another looks stuffed and another needs
    major cropping.
    And I thought all snow leopard were whitish.
    I'm sure a lot of people on here could do better given the opportunity,
    put perhaps it's having to use a long telephoto that makes them look a
    little odd
    well I wouldn't want to get too close so I can't blame the photograpther for
    keeping their distance.
    all images

    Any of you that actually take photos have any comments on these in

    The trolls can discuss whether they would be better taken with a
    Canon, Nikon, or Olympus etc, and whether you'd be better off with a DLSR
    or a P&S ;-)
    whisky-dave, Jul 29, 2009
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  2. The OP was not about shit-canning the photographer, just
    stating the desktop images were less than what you'd expect
    from Apple. Maybe they bought his rejects or something but for
    spectacle... Sorry they are pretty average stuff.

    And anyway... Don't we all have to base our judgement of a Mac
    operating system on the photos used for the desktop? Sheezzz!
    The pixel Bandit, Jul 29, 2009
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  3. whisky-dave

    J. Clarke Guest

    Not to mention that in a worst case scenario the leopard eats the
    J. Clarke, Jul 30, 2009
  4. whisky-dave

    whisky-dave Guest

    }These photos were taken by Steve Winter on assignment for National
    }Geographic. I saw him do a presentation on the assignment a couple
    }months ago at National Geographic in Washington. It was an amazing
    }presentation about an amazing assignment with, in my contrary (to the
    }OP) opinion, fantastic results.

    Come to think of it I have some recollection of a BBC news article on this
    but as until now didn't connect the two.

    }All the photos were taken with remote Canon Rebel cameras with 10-22
    }lenses. Winter set up a number of camera "traps" in the mountains at
    }spots where snow leopards were likely to pass (based on intelligence
    }from local trackers and evidence at the sites -- marking posts, tufts
    }of fur on rocks, etc.). The cameras were set up to fire when the cats
    }set off infrared triggering devices. Winter set the cameras to capture
    }not only the cats but the environment -- mountains, etc., so each
    }photo was composed in advance for all elements except the position and
    }expression of the cats. Over the course of the project, Winter and his
    }assistants often had to spend an entire day climbing the mountains to
    }change a single battery or retrieve a memory card when telemetry
    }indicated a shutter had been tripped.

    yes that explains it, the wide angle lens and DOF froground & background
    reasonable sharp.

    }I talked with Steve after the presentation and was blown away by his
    }modesty and dedication to this project, a true labor of love.

    I doadmire that, as I do with all wildlife photographers,
    and even more so war photographers such as Robert Capa.

    }Contrary to the assertion in this post, I doubt that many people here
    }would claim they could do better with this subject than Steve Winter
    }did, which is one reason he won Wildlife Photographer of the Year for
    }the photo of the leopard looking over his shoulder at the camera with
    }snow flakes all around.

    well now I know how it was done it explains a lot.
    It actually reminded me of when I was young looking through a class 'cage'
    at a wildlife park looking a stuffed tiger with the glazed eyes and facial
    that stuffed animals seem to have.

    }And I have to wonder how closely the OP looked at the photos before
    }assuming they were taken with a telephoto lens. Did you notice the
    }depth of field?

    well big cats and photographers don;t mix well when they get close to each
    other ;-)
    and I'd use a telephoto even at a zoo. ;-) partly to make the animal stand
    out from the background.
    The large DOF which isn;t a good thing, I kept looking in to the distance
    at the blue mountain behind.

    }It might also be of interest to some of you that Winter works closely
    }with an organization that is helping to protect the snow leopards from
    }hunting by local herders. Their strategy, which has been pretty
    }successful so far, is to help the villagers convert their economy to
    }one based on producing native arts and crafts for a global market.

    That's a good thing and it'd be nice of Apple to support such a cause.

    }All that said, I think Winter's snow leopard photos are stunning by
    }any measure.

    For what they are, which is the animal in it;s natural environment
    by man, but not as a desktop picture in my opinion.
    I like the Tiger desktop, which was basically a close up of the animals fur
    which had rich colours and very sharp. I also liked the current leopard
    which is a 'star scape' with an aura borealis type effect I don;t know if
    it's real
    or faked but it looks good which is the aim. I can arrange my many many
    icons in places that complement it well, but the snow leopard pictures
    very good for that apart from perhaps the white leopard head and shoulders
    shot which does look like a telephoto was used.
    I didn;t like many of the other photos either, so i'ts more of a grumble
    Apples choice, a nice close up of a head and sholders of a snow leopard in
    looking very majestic would have been better IMHO even if taken at a zoo.

    One of my photos of a big was taken at regents park zoo,
    the old print was scanned in, but I thought it worth putting on flick'r
    not because it's a good photo, (it's not really), but because of the
    it was watching was a friend in the camera club I went with. But that too
    make a poor desktop.

    Good photos don;t necessarily make good desktops and vica versa

    Is it OK to copy your post and place it on the Mac NG where people were
    how good/bad/suitable the Apple choice is for their snow leopard.
    whisky-dave, Jul 30, 2009
  5. whisky-dave

    Paul Furman Guest

    I agree they aren't such great photos compositionally (not that I could
    do better) but especially with the explanation, they are impressive. The
    DOF is particularly bad for desktops, more specifically the busy
    backgrounds in some.

    Here's what I've been using for about a year:
    -yeah that's a small version
    I have it cropped into two pieces for a dual monitor setup with
    different screen sizes so it still works as one shot.

    Paul Furman

    all google groups messages filtered due to spam
    Paul Furman, Jul 31, 2009
  6. whisky-dave

    whisky-dave Guest

    yes that's nice, I like the orange cloud formation.

    My desktop is usually too cluttered to see a desktop picture,
    but I tend to stick to the Apple ones for quite a while until I get
    bored, then I mess about with some of my own, once I had a moving
    desktop of teh flurry screen saver. Then I had one that changed
    every 10 seconds of so, well some change like LED trafic light
    but the scene stayed the same. Then I tried the 'ideal' photographers
    one of 20% grey, that lasted about 1 miniute.
    whisky-dave, Jul 31, 2009
  7. whisky-dave

    Sublimation Guest

    Oh Wow... I gotta get one of these new Macs. I'm sick of this
    little grey and light grey screen on mine. I'm a bit peeved
    about the disk slot too. It only takes one disk and I need
    binoculars to read the screen... Room light out of course.

    Still, the mouse only has one choice... To press or not to
    press! And I can always needle my sister about neck pain she's
    gonna get from looking back and forth at her 36" monitor on
    that piece of crap PC of hers.

    Who needs four hard drives and a web-cam anyway? And
    seriously... What on earth do you need a wheel in the middle
    of a mouse for?

    Sheeez Talk about over kill! What's a command line, BTW?
    Sublimation, Aug 1, 2009
  8. whisky-dave

    Robert Coe Guest

    : The OP was not about shit-canning the photographer, just
    : stating the desktop images were less than what you'd expect
    : from Apple. Maybe they bought his rejects or something but for
    : spectacle... Sorry they are pretty average stuff.
    : And anyway... Don't we all have to base our judgement of a Mac
    : operating system on the photos used for the desktop? Sheezzz!

    And why in the world would anyone who posts to the photography newsgroups rely
    on wallpaper photos supplied by a computer manufacturer? Virtually all the
    wallpaper photos I use are ones that my wife and I took ourselves.

    Robert Coe, Aug 2, 2009
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