Comments welcome; one of my first pics with my new Nikon D3000. - DSC_0018.JPG (0/1)

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Scotius, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Scotius

    Scotius Guest

    Scotius, Jun 30, 2010
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  2. Scotius

    Tim Conway Guest

    You need to put a link to a website for the photo. It can't be uploaded
    here, because this is a text only newsgroup. You would need to be in a
    binary newsgroup (like to attach photos.
    Tim Conway, Jun 30, 2010
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  3. Scotius

    Jim...8 Guest

    I wish you hadn't stripped the EXIF info out.
    It looks like you had a bit of camera shake that sucked the fun right
    out of it, but you're excused since photographing is such a frowned
    upon activity by mere mortals that if that searchlight had of fixed
    upon you you may have faced a severe dose of questioning from police
    for using a camera in public.

    Non binary groups are not a good place to post binary. Apart from the
    pedants bellyaching, they don't propagate very well.
    Jim...8, Jun 30, 2010
  4. Scotius

    dadiOH Guest

    I am. Look at the lights on the bridge...should be points (or close to it),
    all show a diagonal trace.



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    dadiOH, Jun 30, 2010
  5. Scotius

    Scotius Guest

    I live in Windsor Ontario, and the police here really aren't
    hyped up about people taking photographs. I photograph the bridge,
    people downtown, buildings, landscapes, you name it... I've never run
    into trouble yet.
    Then again, we haven't had the G-20 or G-8 come to town yet.
    We did have the OAS (Organization of American States) people here
    quite a while back... around 2002 I think. The city government of the
    time was insulting in their insistence that the barriers outside the
    hotel where the guests were staying were there "for the protection of
    the citizens", but that was Mike Hurst, the special interests mayor,
    and not the guy we have now, whose well ahead in terms of ethics of
    where our former not-so illustrious mayor was. I used to call Hurst
    "Casino Boy" in preference to "mayor", since he did everything he
    could to make sure that the casino owners who set one up here didn't
    hvae to pay the city even the normal 10%.
    Anyway, the photo is now online at and I'd appreciate any comments,
    since constructive criticism from more knowledgeable people is always
    a benefit.
    Scotius, Jun 30, 2010
  6. Scotius

    Scotius Guest

    You've both convinced me... that next time I take a photo
    without a tripod from any distance I'll be using at least the
    anti-vibration built into the lens. I suppose that's what the "On/Off"
    switch is for.
    Scotius, Jun 30, 2010
  7. Scotius

    Peter Guest

    A G20 delegate was heard proclaiming: "I should have had a G8"

    I will only comment on the first three:
    I see the mood you are seeking to capture, but all three are severely
    underexposed and too centered for my taste.
    The Ship would benefit from a severe cropping on the right, starting at the
    background building;

    The cat also seems slightly warm and the background is confusing, to me.

    Bleak would benefit if the road ran from left to right and you had a single
    lonely person walking down the road. I have a small collection of people I
    use for that purpose. Shame that no manipulation is permitted on that site.
    Peter, Jun 30, 2010
  8. Scotius

    Joel Guest

    Joel, Jun 30, 2010
  9. Scotius

    tony cooper Guest

    On Competition nights at the camera club I belong to the winner is
    asked to make a few comments about his/her image and describe the
    settings used.

    Some time ago the winner's photo was well-composed evening scene with
    a full moon. In his description he casually mentioned that the moon
    was from another shot since the moon in the winning composition was
    not as pretty.

    A collective gasp from the major manipulations are allowed.
    The photo was disqualified.

    Now we have a third division: Creative. Any kind of manipulation is
    allowed in Creative. The other two divisions are Color and
    tony cooper, Jun 30, 2010
  10. Scotius

    Peter Guest

    There is a big brouhaha (sp) going on here. Most of our local clubs,
    including mine have an "anything goes in manipulation" rule in all
    categories. We have color prints, monochrome prints and digital. Digital may
    be either color or monochrome. The local clubs belong to an umbrella
    organization and submit images for inter-club competitions. PFLI, the
    umbrella organization, wanted to start to bring its competitions in line
    with PSA rules and create two additional categories in which no manipulation
    beyond what used to be ordinary darkroom manipulation, would be permitted.
    The proposal was rejected by vote of the local clubs and the board of PFLI
    resigned over the issue.
    Peter, Jun 30, 2010
  11. Scotius

    tony cooper Guest

    While I wouldn't take a position on what should be done in your club,
    I'm in favor of extensive manipulation *only* in a creative category.

    Being in a local camera club is supposed be fun. It's supposed to a
    place where you can submit your efforts, get a critique, and learn
    something from the comments. The efforts, though, are supposed to be
    photographic, not in post-processing. They are supposed to be in
    getting off your butt and going out and looking for suitable subject
    matter and in composing the photograph to best show the subject.

    I have CS4, and I'm reasonably proficient in it. Not all club members
    do. Creating the end result in CS4 gives me an advantage that some
    don't have. If I choose to do so, the creative category is a leveled
    playing field.
    tony cooper, Jun 30, 2010
  12. Scotius

    dadiOH Guest

    Distance is immaterial, shutter speed is.



    dadiOH's dandies v3.06...
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    dadiOH, Jul 1, 2010
  13. Scotius

    Peter Guest

    Our club mainly consists of pictorialists. Most of the members feel as I,
    that competitins are primarily for critique purposes. Indeed we also have
    pure critique nights, where the image does not have to be mounted. Our main
    rule is that the member does the work. HOwever, the final printing, if not
    done by the member, must be one that is generaly available to the public.
    Last year we had a member who was hiring a professional graphic artist to do
    his manipulations and printing. We created a special category for work not
    done by a club member. (He would have been the only person in that group.)
    This year he left our club and got caught cheating in his new club. We have
    two other local clubs, where extensive manipulaton is not permittted. Some
    of our members are also members of these clubs. As a small club, (65
    members,) we are also very social. We do a field trip every Sunday morning.
    Between 15 and 22 turn meet for breakfast. Some just show up for breakfast,
    even if they cannot go on the field trip. We are also quite informal. Last
    week, for the first time in years, we actually followed our scheduled
    location two weeks in a row.
    Peter, Jul 1, 2010
  14. Scotius

    Robert Coe Guest

    : ...

    There's a sliver of a building or something at the right-hand end. You ought
    to crop that off.

    Robert Coe, Jul 3, 2010
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