Compact flash - high speed

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Morgan Ohlson, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Does CF-cards Ultra or high-speed improve camera speed all over?

    Start time?
    Continuos Fps max resolution?
    Download speed?
    Smoothe movement in video mode?


    Morgan O.
    Morgan Ohlson, Sep 1, 2003
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  2. Morgan Ohlson


    It does all of that, except the resolution and video. Video movement dosen't
    have anything to do with card speed, but in some cameras it does have to do
    with the max length of available video. Faster cards do make the cameras
    start up better, and continous shooting will also be faster. The images will
    be written to the card faster, making it possible to shoot new images with
    less time spent waiting. The resolution however doesen't have anything to do
    with card speed, it all depends exclusively to camera capabilities.
    BUNTOVNIK, Sep 1, 2003
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  3. Morgan Ohlson

    pbdelete Guest

    In some cases highspeed memory card is a requirement for moviecapture.
    This will be especially true for a camera like:
    (640 x 480 pixels @ 30 fps, 14 bpp)

    For download speed, the answer is obvious =)
    pbdelete, Sep 1, 2003
  4. ....

    Well, up to a point. The most obvious advantage is the time taken to read
    and write the card. Typically, we care most about write time, when the card
    is in the camera, since this affects shot-to-shot time. We usually care most
    about read time when we are downloading the pictures into our computers
    (or other devices).

    Now, what needs to be remembered is that an operation can only be performed
    at the speed of the slowest component. If you started with an old original Sandisk
    1X speed CF card and your camera could write faster than the card could
    record the data, the card would limit the write time. Now you replace the Sandisk
    1X with a spiffy, neato 48X Ultra CF card. Will you see a 48 times improvement?
    Almost certainly not. The controler in you camera has a limit to how fast it
    can process and write data. It may effectively be 3X or 6X or even 10X, but
    now the camera is slower than the CF card, and that will limit the write speed.

    Similarly, that old card will take quite a while to read in your USB1.1 card reader,
    since it can only be read at 1X. That new 48X Ultra CF card will be read a whole
    lot faster, unless... 48X exceeds the speed of USB1.1 (or your card reader's
    capabilities). In that case, you won't see any more improvements until you
    upgrade your reader to USB2.0 or IEEE1394, or whatever.

    And so on.

    Dan (Woj...) dmaster (at) lucent (dot) com

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    Dan Wojciechowski, Sep 6, 2003
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