Discussion in 'Photography' started by J, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. J

    PeterN Guest

    Like the difference between an amateur tennis player and a professional.

    the amateur jumps over the net;
    a professional's manager jumps over the gross.
    PeterN, Dec 27, 2011
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  2. J

    J Guest

    I'd never knock his work as he's such a grafter, but it still doesn't have
    that 'off the wall' look which I love so much in a photo.
    He's probably done it for so long now that it's become 'just a job' to him.
    He also teaches in college part-time, but he finds some of the students work
    a bit funny. One time he told me "they think they're impressing me with
    their new ideas, the problem with that is, there 'are' no new ideas"! Maybe
    he's just lost some of his previous passion for photography...'or maybe he's
    just getting older! If I bring the subject of photography up, he quickly
    body-swerves it and gets right off the subject. I find this a bit odd as he
    certainly knows all the technical stuff...'just doesn't want to talk about
    it. You guys are different, you explain the finer details and assist
    everyone who enquires about your work. That's another thing I love about
    this NG. You might call yourselves 'amateurs', but to me you're as
    professional as I'd like to be! :)

    J, Dec 27, 2011
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  3. J

    J Guest

    Yep, I realise that not everyone wants to do it for a living. Personally,
    I'd love to, but I'm not good enough...'yet! :)

    J, Dec 27, 2011
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