conference photos and indoor film for

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Nicolae Santean, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Some time ago I asked the group for advice on indoor film for
    shooting at a conference event. I finally picked a professional
    Fuji 400 (on sale), made pictures and scanned the prints on a
    low end flatbed. The results can be found here :

    I am happy with the film - although the scanned photos did not
    turn so great. Let me know your opinion and advice for the future.

    Nicolae Santean, Jul 1, 2005
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  2. Nicolae Santean

    Scott W Guest

    Look's like the photos came out good. I did notice that there is a
    fair bit of aliasing in some of them, it kind of looks like they were
    re-sized using nearest neighbor as the sampling method. This is a
    pretty small nit and only shows up on a few of the photos.

    Over all I think they came out very well indeed.

    Scott W, Jul 1, 2005
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