Connecting Kodak DC 4800 to WXp PC

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by hankus, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. hankus

    hankus Guest

    I had used my K DC 4800 and just acquired a new Dell which has Xp (and Media
    center s/ware )whereas before I used one with W98.I can't get the PC to
    recognize the camera.I boot the PC and am asked for a disk and use the one
    that came with the camera but it stops with a message stating that this
    program may not be Xp compatible and to see the mnfactr for a
    solution.Kodak's site filled with frighteningly happy (overmedicated?)
    people and directs me to a program called Easyshare which is a photo
    viewer/sorter.When I connect the USB cable to the PC and turn the camera
    on,the camera shows activity as if it is d/ling the pix but since their is
    no folder I'm not sure what is going on.When I go to easyshare and "open" I
    see many drives (this PC has about 5 extra external slots as well as 6 USB
    slots) but it does NOT recognize a camera.When I go to device mnger it show
    a DC4800 wth a yellow question mark over it suggesting a conflict.
    I have extra batteries (Kodak KLC-3000 Li-ion,chargers and case as well
    as a 64MB flash card.The camera is beginning to produce blurry pics unless I
    use flash setting and then they are crystal clear.
    I see my choices as
    1)Kodak might give me supprt as their site promises
    2)new camera-can I use this flash card/batteries and fast charger in another
    3)some type of flash card reader which will plug into USB or many extyrenal
    drive ports
    hankus, Nov 20, 2006
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  2. hankus

    Ross Guest

    If you are using WinXP then you should not need a "driver" for the
    camera-computer connexion.

    If you are using the Kodak "Easy Share" docking hardware, I know not what
    that is like.

    All I know is if I connect a camera (I've tried this with a number including
    a Kodak) to my WinXP computer via the USB cable it recognises it as a
    "removable disk" and I just drag the files from the camera to the computer.

    As for the Kodak Easy Share software, it is almost as insidious as Norton's
    Internet Security.

    Ross, Nov 23, 2006
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