Continuous video w frame capture

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Eric, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Eric

    Eric Guest

    I'm writing an art-related application that requires a continuous
    video feed, with the ability to capture a snapshot frame on the fly.
    Of course the first thing that occurred to me was to use a regular
    webcam (probably Logitech C920), but even the better webcams may
    degrade image quality significantly.

    Are there any alternatives in the world of inexpensive video cameras?
    Or maybe some still cameras can do something like this now? I don't
    need audio. I'd like to minimize dimensional distortion if possible.
    Fast frame rate would be nice, but not imperative.

    Thanks for any ideas.
    Eric, Apr 26, 2012
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  2. Eric

    Rob Guest
    Rob, Apr 26, 2012
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  3. Eric

    Eric Guest

    Eric, Apr 26, 2012
  4. Eric

    David Kerber Guest

    My Canon T1i does exactly that, 1080p video and snapshot when you push
    the shutter button, and I have used it extensively when shooting stuff
    in a microscope. Use a USB cable to stream the video to a laptop.
    David Kerber, May 17, 2012
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