Discussion in 'Photography' started by Phillip Sherman, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. Does anybody know what 10x optical zoom on a digital camera would equate
    to in mm on a SLR lens?

    Phillip Sherman, Jul 23, 2004
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  2. I think it equals about 300 mm. I have an Olympus C-750 that has a 10x
    optical and it has a great zoom to it.
    Michelle Griffin, Jul 23, 2004
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  3. Phillip Sherman

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Depends on what the 1x focal length is to begin with. :)

    Sorry, but it's a pet peeve of mine - this is a "num", or half a number.
    10x by itself is meaningless - 10 times what?

    Mike Kohary, Jul 23, 2004
  4. Phillip Sherman

    Stan Guest

    It depends upon what type of SLR. For a 35mm SLR, the normal lens is
    50mm, so 10X from there would be 500mm. However, many of the digital
    prosumer cameras have zooms that start at the wide angle equivelent of a
    35mm lens, making the maximum zoom about 350mm in terms of a 35mm

    If you are talking about a MF SLR (like a Pentax 6x7, the normal lens
    would be about 90mm). However, I've never seen digital zooms compared
    to those.

    * * * To reply, remove numbers from address.

    Stan, Jul 23, 2004
  5. Phillip Sherman

    Diluted Guest

    Does anybody know what 10x optical zoom on a digital camera would equate
    it depends on the size of the CCD that captures the image on the digital
    camera. 50mm is standard for 35mm film, but if the CCD is smaller than this
    film, a 50mm lens would be classed as a telephoto lens.

    you would need to find out the conversion rate to work this out. this and
    the size of the CCD is usually in the instructions for digital cameras.

    hope this helps
    Diluted, Jul 23, 2004
  6. A 35-350mm is a 10x zoom, as is a 50-500mm - if the longest focal
    length is 10 times the shortest it's a 10x zoom. The "normal" lens
    for 35mm is 50mm - this will vary with the size of the imager (CCD).

    Digital cameras, like the Olympus C-range with it's 10x "Ultra Zoom"
    is much smaller with 6.3 – 63mm (38 – 380mm 35mm equivalent) -it's
    still 10x but it has a shorter focal length due to the
    smaller-than-35mm imager.
    Rolf Egil Sølvik, Jul 23, 2004

  7. --
    I live in ZONE 9B-10A-SUNSET ZONE 25
    The zone splits in my City

    Thanks to all who responded. I now do understand.

    Phillip Sherman, Jul 24, 2004
  8. Argh, no!

    "Zoom" means variable focal length, and the "10×" simply shows how variable.

    Michelle - if the long end of your 10× zoom is 300mm equivalent, then
    you have a 30-300mm equivalent lens, which is 10× zoom, you see.

    However, a 50-500mm and a 15-150mm lens are also 10× zoom. There's no
    link between focal length and zoom range.

    "Zoom" does not mean "telephoto".
    Mark Tranchant, Jul 26, 2004
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