CoolPix 995 Connectivity Issues

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Inyo, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Inyo

    Inyo Guest

    So the other day I decide to haul out my first digital camera, the Nikon
    CoolPix 995, a device I'd not used in some three years, to photograph
    several fossils to include at one of my paleontology web pages.

    After the shoot, I hooked the 995 to the USB port (using the cable that came
    with the camera), as I'd always done in the past, of course, and patiently
    waited for the new drive letter to appear on My Computer (I'm using Windows
    98SE)--but, the images never transferred to the computer. They remained
    locked inside the camera.

    Rather frustrated, to say the least, I then hooked the 995 (using the same
    cable that came with the camera) to the USB port on our Toshiba laptop.
    Presto...the images tranferred with no problems encountered. As an
    additional experiment, to try to narrow down the difficulties, I attached to
    my PC through the USB port a portable Zip drive--once again, my PC
    immediately recognized the Zip drive and I was able to tranfer the images of
    fossils from the Zip to my PC.

    OK--at this point I'm figuring that both the cable and USB are fine. I'm
    also supposing that the issue may have to do with a lack of transfer of the
    necessary drivers from 995 to PC. Probably I'm sounding rather ignorant
    here. At any rate...any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    Fossils In Death Valley National Park
    (I took virtually all of these images from Death Valley with the CoolPix 995
    during occasional visits in 2002-2003--a minor few I snapped with a Nikon
    35mm camera.) My working email address, by the way, is Waucoba4 at aol dot
    Inyo, Aug 13, 2008
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  2. Inyo

    me Guest

    You don't say what OS was on the system you could connect with. Bottom line
    imo is get an inexpensive card reader that have drivers for the OS you need
    to connect to. and forget about connecting the camera. Been there, done
    that with a 990, 5700, D70, D200 and D300.
    me, Aug 14, 2008
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  3. Inyo

    Inyo Guest

    On the Toshiba laptop, the OS is Windows ME, I believe. The Zip drive
    connected on both Windows98SE and ME, so that was the basis for my idea that
    the USB was OK.

    The 995 had always worked on Windows98SE, right from the very beginning. No
    problems until I tried again after about three years. Very mysterious,
    Inyo, Aug 14, 2008
  4. Inyo

    Inyo Guest

    Thanks much for the tips. I will certainly look into them.
    Inyo, Aug 14, 2008
  5. Inyo

    me Guest

    Try re-installing the Nikon SW if that that's the way you want to go. SE
    and ME can be quite different in how they deal with USB devices. Nothing
    like W2k/Xp where almost everything can mount as a removable drive.
    me, Aug 14, 2008
  6. Inyo

    Inyo Guest

    Thank you much. Will give it a try. I did have the PC worked on around two
    or three years ago, come to think of it--they re-installed 98SE and backed
    up all my files. I thought I had used the 995 since the repairs, but now I'm
    indeed beginning to wonder...
    Inyo, Aug 14, 2008
  7. Two dumb questions

    Did you refresh the display in Windows Explorer (which should be necessary)
    to show the new Drive ?

    Did you try rebooting with the camera already hooked up to the computer ?
    (Which shouldn;t be necessary but might do the trick)

    Oh and another couple of dumb questions

    Was the camera switched on ( it was obviously switched on when you transfeered
    the files to the laptop I know, but its maybe posible to forget)

    How many times did you actually connect and disconnect the USB cable
    at both ends ? As maybe a contact wasn't being made although it felt
    as though it had been.

    From reading the remainder of your post its clear that it can't be any of the
    usual suspects. The USB port is OK, 98SE recognises the USB port - if it
    recognises the Zip drive as a mass storage device then clearly that driver
    is present. As you copied the files fron the Zip disk clearly the file
    format is ok. And the camera is OK.

    As both the camera and cabling works o.k with the laptop - and the PC works with
    other USB devices and did with this camera before, I'd give the plugging and
    unplugging, refresh and reboot routines another whirl myself.

    michael adams

    michael adams, Aug 14, 2008
  8. Inyo

    Inyo Guest

    Actually, the transfer from camera to computer, using the USB, used to be
    essentially instantaneous. No delays, no lag issues whatsoever. But...I did
    run out, finally, and purchase a 20 dollar card reader from our local
    electronics emporium; I then downloaded the necessary drivers from their web
    site and now I'm good to go.

    Still, that pesky connectivity problem remains unresolved. I even tried
    downloading a batch of drivers for CoolPix cameras from the Nikon page
    (their Knowledge Base area is a beast to fight through, I must say)--thought
    that might solve the troubles. No such luck. Ah, well, perhaps--as mentioned
    here and elsewhere in this thread--I'll likely want to upgrade my Windows,
    eventually. Thanks a bunch for the suggestions.
    Inyo, Aug 15, 2008
  9. Inyo

    Inyo Guest

    Good idea. I tried that. No luck, though.
    Yes, I attempted that angle, too.
    I forgot to switch it on a couple of times during the early moments of my
    Several times, at least. Good things did not happen, though.
    That was pretty much the reasoning I followed, as well. Thank you, indeed,
    for all the suggestions.
    Inyo, Aug 15, 2008
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