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Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by jodledums, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. jodledums

    jodledums Guest

    I have copied a dvd 3 times using decrypter, then dvdxcopy plat, then
    nero ....each time it seems to have worked fine,...but when I try to
    play the says the disk has been damaged so as to prevent
    play........Any help on this....please?
    jodledums, Dec 9, 2004
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  2. jodledums

    WEBPA Guest

    What version of Nero? And how? You MUST use Nero's DVD Movie burning
    template; you CANNOT burn the DVD files as data files... you cannot produce a
    disk playable on anything expect a computer that way...and then only
    one-file-at-a-time with MediaPlayer...not as a movie.

    WEBPA, Dec 10, 2004
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