Copying Video from DVDR75 Set-Top Box to PC for Editing?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Kirk A. Kleinschmidt, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Hi, everyone:

    I've been experimenting with various video capture devices for
    archiving TV shows from my big-dish satellite system.

    My favorite device so far is a Replay 5040, which can be fooled into
    transferring its MPG files to my PC for editing and burning/archiving.
    The data transfer rate is annoyingly slow, so I picked up a Philips
    DVDR75 recorder, which records on DVD+RW disks, thinking it would be a
    lot easier to transfer the recorded MPGs to my PC...

    Problem is -- the DVDR75 makes a frickin' DVD, complete with VOB files
    and the like!

    Do I actually have to rip this disk ?

    How do I extract the MPG program files for editing?

    Do I have to extract to separate audio and video streams?


    Kirk A. Kleinschmidt, Nov 26, 2003
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