Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Kevin Stephens, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Part of orel Draw 10

    Is it any good, how does it copare with Photshop Elements and the full
    version of Photoshop?


    Kevin Stephens, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. I am using Photopaint (and PS version 6). I have used Corel from its earliest
    days so use it more than PS as am more familiar with its functions.

    Some USA experts in both that I respect say that Corel has slighly better user

    They are both high end programmes, and each has slight advantages over the
    other, albeit in different areas.

    HOWEVER, Corel lost the marketing battle to Adobe years ago, so the world has
    largely gone PS. Its a pity really as Adobe has no competition any longer.
    For example there is a super programme in Germany, expecially good in handling
    large file sizes (quicker actions all round etc), but even in Germany, PS has
    influenced all the Journalists etc such that it is the de facto standard.

    Answering your question, IMHO its better than elements and similar to PS. A
    lot of the PS plug-ins wil work with Corel, but this is by no means guaranteed,
    so this may also be a factor for you.

    As with all software, its your ability to get the most out of the programme
    that counts most. This is far more important than worrying about which is
    better. Even some of the very simple low cost programmes will do wonders in
    the right hands.

    And remember- a high end programme usually has a high end learning process-
    fine if you use it every day, not so good if you only duck into it once or
    twice a month.

    Reminiscing a bit, I remember the early days of Word Processing, when I loved
    Word Perfect and then Ami-Pro. Both were better than WORD, but in the end I
    reluctantly switched to WORD simply because every body else used it as one of
    Mr Gates bundles!

    Just to add - I am a "semi-pro" photographer operating in the commercial field
    (that means no weddings for me). I retired from a lifetime in hi-tech
    electronics and telecomms and now indulge in my hobby of photography.
    Fortunately I am able to sell enough of my work for the hobby to pay for
    itself- and a bit more!!

    CGannonOxford, Oct 18, 2003
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