Cost of canon paper to generic brand for proofs

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Don, May 29, 2006.

  1. Don

    Don Guest

    I had to print some 600+ "proofs" on 6 by 4 and was using Canon glossy at
    around 27cents a sheet. The paper and ink quality match and you get a
    reasonable life with good colour etc etc. However, the mother of the bride
    (who I am letting keep the proofs as she is a close friend) told me of a
    generic paper available through a discount store here in Adelaide which
    works out to 9cents a sheet. Sounded like very good value for a proof where
    hard copy is required. However, don't know how long they will last but if
    you need to do a set of proofs and don't really care about longevity etc it
    might be worth you trying the paper in question. I have knocked out a
    couple of hundred shots on the paper for around $15.00 paper cost. The
    paper in question is simply called "Premium Glossy" photo paper - Universal.
    The labelling is somewhat deficient but the manufacturer could be someone
    called DATS. It was bought through Cheap as Chips at $6.95. When I played
    around with a setting or two on the 8500 I achieved near canon colours etc.
    Anyway, just for your information if you are on the look out for a cheap
    paper. Will be interesting to see how it lasts. Have run off a couple of
    batches and put these with the same shots printed on Canon GP401.

    Don, May 29, 2006
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  2. Don

    googlegroups Guest


    Are they still "proofs" if you print the final result on a different
    type of paper? :>

    Is printing multiple, slightly smaller images on A4 viable? You could
    comfortably fit 6, perhaps 8 onto a single sheet. This should work out
    cheaper than the equivalent 6x4 individual prints.

    BTW, how many ink tanks did you go through when printing 600+ pics?
    googlegroups, May 29, 2006
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  3. Don

    Don Guest

    Yes there are a number of ways to set up the proofs on an A4 sheet but
    considering the cost of the 6 by 4 paper is around 7 cents a sheet I would
    have to be getting the A4 at a good price. The amount of ink used to print
    the 600 plus has been in the order of 1 full set and 1 extra photo magenta
    (however I was printing the odd other shot at the time as well, so this is
    not dead certain). So cost around 39 cents a proof. The cheapest I could
    find here was 30cents a 6 by 4 which was also on good quality paper but this
    was not convenient given where I live and the fact that I would have had to
    go through the shots, size them so I sent off what was actually needed on
    paper. By doing it myself I was able to crop and print as well as some
    minor correction at the same time. The costing doesn't include my time
    obviously but I have enjoyed doing it and learnt quite a lot about cropping,
    proportion, colour management etc etc by doing it myself. The bride is
    having the photos put into a momento album that I send off to Momento to do
    obviously after doing the design and layout here with the bride. The proof
    of the "book" looks great. This is a good cost option for those on a budget
    and the happy couple will end up with a 150 page coffee table book plus any
    proofs they want from me for no more than 3 or so hundred dollars. I will
    also print out a4 shots etc and have a3's done but they purchase those at
    full commercial cost.


    Don, Jun 3, 2006
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