Costco / Walmart Photo Machines

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Paul D. Sullivan, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Tektronix Phasers... I remember using those. Very vidid color,
    but messy as heck.
    Paul D. Sullivan, Feb 9, 2007
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  2. Paul D. Sullivan

    Just D Guest

    Maybe machines are not very bad, but I never was able to get a good quality
    of my pictures, in most cases these brainless operators decided to reformat,
    reframe the images so that sometimes I was getting the trees without the top
    part, the portraits were without the part of the face, etc. They were
    explaining that with the wrong format, wrong H/W ratio of my shots...
    Yea-yea. I guess the hands are the most serious reason.

    Just D.
    Just D, Feb 9, 2007
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  3. Yeah, I would prefer to print my own too, but I don't know what
    printer to get. I was thinking the Canon 6700D but I'm not sure
    how it compares, and I'm bummed that in the USA it can't print on
    CD's or DVD's. I'm not sure what to do.
    Paul D. Sullivan, Feb 9, 2007
  4. Paul D. Sullivan

    Mark² Guest

    Many of the cheaper Epsons will print on CDs with very decent results. I
    used to use (and still have) a cheap Epson JUST for printing onto
    writable-surface CD/DVDs, but when you want 200 disks, it's a pain in the
    neck, because it requires your attention throughout.

    A year ago, I switched to a dedicated DVD duplicator that will burn and
    print 100 disks without intervention from me...all unattended. It's called
    the Rimage 2000i, and you can see it in my office here:

    If you need large quantities of printed/burned CD/DVDs, then you might want
    to consider this product. There are several similarly-priced units, but
    they are total crap compared with the Rimage.

    If all you want are a dozen or so disks on occasion, the little Epsons will
    do just fine for most folks (cheap, meaning about $110 USD).

    Mark², Feb 9, 2007
  5. Paul D. Sullivan

    Just D Guest

    Many of the cheaper Epsons will print on CDs with very decent results. I
    I was using several Epsons for many years for one simple reason - I spent
    the whole day many years ago on the computer show where I tested a lot of
    different brands and model of printers including pretty cheap, medium and
    very expensive laser printers, all color. I took my own CD with several
    shots and the best results that I got there came from Epsons. Then I tried
    several Photo printers in my office and at home with the same results - very
    good quality of prints, but noisy, very sensitive to the paper, only Epson
    inks, no fake or some replacements even if I saw the text on the box that
    the ink is absolutely compatible - it wasn't, Epson heads were mostly
    refusing to work with these inks skipping lines, requiring more cleaning,
    very thirsty printers, if you don't print for a week or even less you need
    to lose the inks to get it working again, etc. Finally I decided to take a
    look at other models and compared the medium and cheap range Canons. The
    first reaction was - the quality is lower, that's true, but! If I need to
    print a lot of colored prints for my friends, to send to somewhere, some
    color papers, presentations, make a lot of small or medium prints then my
    Canon Pixma iP5000 is perfect. I guess I printed several hundreds of photos
    plus many usual papers, and I changed the ink cartridges only once. That's
    good. Also they are separate and it's possible to replace them in different
    time upon needs. The printer is very cheap especially comparing to others.
    It's fast and silent, I can't hear it even if I sit in one meter from it
    working. It has a very convenient top lid and I can close it to avoid dust
    when it's not required. So I started using this model and found that it
    almost never cleans its heads because for some reason they don't need that.
    :) To start printing it usually takes less than a minute. It doesn't require
    any calibration like all Epsons that I was using before. Yes, it's cheap,
    the quality is not perfect, but for everyday use it's good and pretty
    enough. For a single large print with a better quality I use another photo
    printer allowing me A3 formats for sure. I'm happy with this model as well
    as with another one cheap B/W laser printer - Samsung ML-1740. Same price -
    very cheap, 8 MBytes base memory, enough to print with 600 DPI, etc. So to
    keep more expensive models alive it makes sense to buy couple cheaper models
    like these. But this is my personal opinion only. I know one person who
    bought a very expensive color laser printer for everything...)

    Just D.
    Just D, Feb 9, 2007
  6. Paul D. Sullivan

    Mark² Guest

    I print a lot of LARGE prints on my Epson 4000 printer (also visible in my
    office pic), but I agree that for tons of little 4x6 images, it's nice to
    have a quick, cheap output device. That's why I woudn't mind taking a stab
    at the new (shudder!) Kodak printers. If their pigment ink, lowcost, high
    quality claims are true, then they could give me a decent way to shurn out
    loads of the little prints family is always begging me for...but for which I
    have little desire to spend time/money on with my big printers.
    Mark², Feb 9, 2007
  7. Paul D. Sullivan

    Just D Guest

    A year ago, I switched to a dedicated DVD duplicator that will burn and
    What's on the right side made of white metal or plastic? Fridge with beer?

    Just D.
    Just D, Feb 9, 2007
  8. Paul D. Sullivan

    Mark² Guest

    Ya, should see it right now...
    ....Big effing MESS!
    Mark², Feb 10, 2007
  9. Paul D. Sullivan

    Mark² Guest

    That's a Rimage 2000i CD/DVD duplication system. I can put in a stack of
    100 disks, and it will burn, and print labels onto the disks robotically, &
    unattended. The black box to the right of it is a dedicated PC that
    controls it. My main PC is dark, and to the left of the monitor. I use that
    monitor for both systems right now, as my other monitor just died.
    Mark², Feb 10, 2007
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