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Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by HIKER4LIFE, Oct 29, 2005.


    HIKER4LIFE Guest


    I have always submitted my work via e-mail and never had a need for a
    portfolio. Now, I would like to create a portfolio for showing potential
    clients - I would like to know the accepted form for such a piece of
    representation of my work.

    Literal descriptions of the making of a portfolio would be greatly

    Thanks for your help,

    HIKER4LIFE, Oct 29, 2005
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  2. As varied as there are photographers,
    bigger prints are better if they hold up to being big.
    16x20 is probably the biggest most people would ever
    want to lug around. Its also nice to incorporate a few
    tear sheets of published work. You can easily find good
    portfolio cases and presentation ideas though catalogs like
    Light Impressions.-also online website
    Gregory Blank, Oct 29, 2005
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  3. Like you, I never felt I had the need for a portfolio. None-the-less one day
    I had some 8 x 12 prints made of the shots I'm most proud of, and slid them
    into a folder with clear plastic sheets.

    I'm not sure if I've created a portfolio or not, but I sure as heck created
    a nice photo album. I was quite surprised at how much *I* enjoyed looking
    through it - and if others enjoy it as well, then that's an added bonus for

    Not sure if there's a message somewhere in there or not.
    Cockpit Colin, Oct 29, 2005

    HIKER4LIFE Guest

    That is a much appreciated quote from Roosevelt!!

    I thank you for your information on portfolios.

    HIKER4LIFE, Oct 30, 2005

    C Wright Guest

    I am not a pro but I have had a pro tell me that the most popular current
    form of presenting a portfolio is in a post binder. That is the binders
    with the screws that can be easily removed to add or subtract images. One
    convenience of doing it that way is that images printed on reasonably heavy
    photo paper can be bound directly into the binder without need for
    additional paper backing. If translucent interleaving sheets are placed
    between the prints it helps protect the images plus makes the portfolio look
    a little classier.
    Here is a link to a place that sells complete portfolio kits including
    binder, binding strips, and translucent sheets:
    BTW I have no connection to Red River, although I do frequently use their
    paper. I am sure the same types of materials could be purchased at many
    other locations.
    C Wright, Oct 30, 2005

    HIKER4LIFE Guest

    This helps a lot - thanks.

    HIKER4LIFE, Oct 30, 2005
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