critique from recent Tuscany trip

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Peter File, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. Peter File

    Peter File Guest

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  2. Peter File

    Mike Kohary Guest

    The scan is not very good - lots of debris and noise. Is this from a print?
    Try scanning from the negative and do a good clean-up in Photoshop.

    The picture's a nice view and a decent composition, but the
    horizon appears not to be level (look at the leaning tower), the person in
    the lower-right corner is distracting, and the shadow areas lack detail.

    Mike Kohary, Jun 27, 2004
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  3. Peter File

    D.R. Guest

    D.R., Jun 28, 2004
  4. Peter File

    Rob Novak Guest

    Oh, this has the potential to be such a nice image. There's lots that
    needs fixing, though.

    Lots of debris on scan. (rescan from clean negative)

    Low color saturation - colors are all washed out. (rescan from neg.
    and manually adjust color saturation and balance if necessary)

    Camera not held level. (Free-form rotate in Photoshop or appropriate
    editing tool)

    Figure in lower right is distracting. (Crop)

    Composition needs some work. (re-crop according to Rule of Thirds,
    preferably using the tower as a focal point and paying attention to
    your skyline)

    Lack of shadow detail. (Personally, I'd adjust brightness/contrast so
    that the shadow areas were black, and adjust color to make the exposed
    areas vibrant)

    To fix a lot of this in-camera, pay attention to your horizon and your
    vertical lines. Look at the whole frame, not just the center. Check
    your edges and corners for distracting or unintended subjects. Use a
    polarizing filter to decrease sky haze and water reflections. This
    looks like it was matrix-metered, and the sunlit sections are a bit
    overexposed while shadow detail is just not there. Try spot-metering
    for proper exposure on the brightly lit areas, which will help black
    out the shadowed sections.
    Rob Novak, Jun 28, 2004
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