CS3 -- Batch-action on .NEF files....

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by maya, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. maya

    maya Guest


    I'm putting together a CD with photos for a friend (a DVD, rather, given
    the large amount of photos..) all the photos that are in .NEF format I
    want to convert them to JPG's, but I can't do this as batch-action b/c
    PS stops every time when it opens a .NEF file, then you have to click
    'open file' to open it...;) I would appreciate suggestions.. am on
    CS3/Vista Ultimate (buggy as hell, both...;)

    thank you very much...
    maya, Nov 19, 2007
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  2. Do not record an open command in the action. You will choose the files you
    want to batch in the batch dialog box. Another issue is control over the
    save format and any options that save format offers (like jpg setting the
    compression level). Record the action you want to batch process and record a
    save as command in it (usually the last step). Choose the format you want to
    save the image as (like TIF or JPG) and set your format save options (like
    jpg compression, TIF options, etc.).

    Now when you go in to the batch dialog box choose the Action, choose your
    source files and then choose your destination and file naming options. Now
    make sure that the ignore save as commands check box is checked this will
    cause that save as command you recorded in the action to be ignored for
    actual saving but will cause the batch processor to use the file format and
    the format options you chose.

    I consider the need for a save as command instead of having format and
    format options available in the batch processor to be a bug. One Adobe knows
    about and has known about since they added the batch processor and have
    chosen not to fix it.

    The Spider
    The Spider Formally Seated Next To Little Miss Muf, Nov 20, 2007
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  3. maya

    maya Guest

    thank you Spider.. this is not working.. I open ONE .NEF file to
    record action, the file opens in a separate kind of dialog, I have to
    click 'open' to open the file (this is very stupid), then when I do
    save-for-web I get a weird warning:

    the image exceeds the size Save for Web was designed for. You may
    experience out of memory errors and slow perfomrance. Are you sure...
    now my machine is a new machine, it has ample memory (4 GB)

    so this is ONE difficulty in trying to do the action.. so I click ok,
    then get to that big save-for-web dialog, click ok... save file w/
    same name but .jpg extension.. stop recording.. now how am I going
    to run this action when there are so many dialogs in between to
    respond to?? this is a huge pain... as soon as I start running the
    action it stops when PS opens the first .NEF file (that .NEF dialog
    where you have to click 'open' to open file (really really stupid..))
    so I click 'open' then PS opens the file, that's it, action stops
    running there.. once all files are all open (I'm testing w/about six
    files now) the action stops, it doesn't convert the files.. I have
    hundreds of files to convert.. how can I do this pls.. (my gosh, what
    a pain.. never again will I shoot in .NEF format.. I did it that day
    by mistake..) again, CS3/Vista Ultimate... thank you very much..
    maya, Dec 2, 2007
  4. maya

    maya Guest

    I tried doing it by clicking on "suppress file open options
    dialogs".. then what happens is PS tells me the .jpg version of the
    file already exists (which it can't -- as I have created a new folder
    to put the JPG's in, which is at present EMPTY..) I tried with and
    without checking "Override Action "Save as" commands", and in both
    cases it tells me the .JPG version already exists, but it doesn't...
    again, destination folder is an EMPTY folder..

    thank you....
    maya, Dec 2, 2007
  5. maya

    Paul Guest

    No you do not create an action!
    Start Bridge, select files, then:-
    Tools - Photoshop - Image Processor
    You can choose jpg and the output folder.

    Hope that helps.
    Paul, Dec 2, 2007
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