D-70. Which lense option is better?

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by y3k via PhotoKB.com, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. Experts!

    Please help the green. I want to buy D-70 with some lense but I'm lost in the lense options, could you advise which one is better and for which purpose?

    1. 2-lense option Sigma 28-80mm and 70-300 mm. Looks like the best deal because the price seems to be 50% cut (now $1229), plus they also pack it all into a gadget bag.

    2. Quantaray 18-50mm F3.5-5.6DC, total is $1149.99

    3. Nikon 18-70mm F3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S, total $1299

    Is it really like the last lense options is the best of all or is it just a marketing and it makes sense to take 2-lense option or cheaper Quantaray?

    y3k via PhotoKB.com, Jan 16, 2005
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  2. y3k via PhotoKB.com

    paul Guest

    Sounds like this is two mediocre lenses, plus you miss wide angle. I got
    a Nikon 28-200 F3.5-5.6 for $350 which is not fantastic quality but
    plenty of telephoto & easy to tote around. I'm kind of bummed that it's
    not as sharp as this camera deserves though the tele is cool so I'd
    recommend that if you really want telephoto now & don't want a bag of
    lenses to tote around.

    Not worth saving $150 if it's slower & probably blurry.

    Yep, get this & a good telephoto later when you can afford it. This is
    really supposed to be an excellent quality lense & it has pretty good
    wide angle ability though it's not super fast, it's better than the
    other options by far.

    Also, do you know what kind of use is important to you yet? Either way,
    I'd get the 18-70 because that's the minimum quality you want for this
    camera. The only other budget option is get a fast cheap excellent fixed
    50mm or something like that if you can stand to be a purist & lose zoom
    & like the idea of collecting lenses down the road. That would take
    noticeably better pictures than the 18-70. Or get a Canon for a little
    less money & see what that'll get you in lenses.
    paul, Jan 16, 2005
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  3. y3k via PhotoKB.com

    Matt Clara Guest

    Option 3 really is better in terms of quality. Cheaper 2 lens option may be
    best for you, but Sigma doesn't have a good reputation. Quantaray brings
    the ritz salesman the most profit.
    Matt Clara, Jan 16, 2005
  4. y3k via PhotoKB.com

    Roger Guest

    I've posted this before, but here is a sample of a hand held shot
    using the 18 to 70 kit lens.


    There are a lot of other photos on the site, but most are from my old
    D-70 or scans from 35mm. The Day Lilly is the only one with a
    greately enlarged crop to show detail. Rember it was hand held which
    subtracts some from the sharpness.

    Roger Halstead (K8RI & ARRL life member)
    (N833R, S# CD-2 Worlds oldest Debonair)
    Roger, Jan 16, 2005
  5. For what it's worth, both Adorama and B&H are selling this combo for less
    than that (and that's not including the $100 rebate from Nikon).
    Andrew Koenig, Jan 17, 2005
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