D200 discontinued at Costco...hmmm..

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Charlie, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Charlie

    Charlie Guest

    I've been looking at the D200 lately and found that Costco has just
    about the best *legitimate" price out there at about $1550. That was
    last week. This week, it's no longer on the website.

    I stopped down :) to Costco yesterday and was told that they no longer
    carry it. They did have a big display of the D40 though.

    Kind of makes you wonder if the D200 is about to be replaced with the
    D200S or D300. Or maybe the D200 was at the wrong price point for Costco.

    I don't suppose anybody has any ideas about that?

    Charlie, Jul 6, 2007
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  2. Charlie

    Noons Guest

    Wouldn't surprise me if an upgrade was in the wings.
    After all it's being challenged by resolution of even
    compact cameras. And we all know what sells
    is megapixels, no?
    On the other hand, it's not a volume sale item by
    any stretch. No dslrs in that price range are.
    Maybe costco is only interested in volume?
    Noons, Jul 6, 2007
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  3. Charlie

    Stan Beck Guest

    Probably a slow mover in that type of store. Anyway, I'm not going to ditch
    mine because of Costco.

    The smaller the fine print, the less you will like what it says.

    Stan Beck > From New Orleans to Brandon MS
    To reply, remove 101 from address.
    Stan Beck, Jul 6, 2007
  4. Is this price for the body or with a lens. If body only, $1550 + tax
    is no bargain.
    Oliver Costich, Jul 7, 2007
  5. Charlie

    Charlie Guest

    Actually, I mis-typed that. I believe that it was ~$1450, body only.

    There are lots of lower prices that come up in Google, but if you search
    on the store ratings, most of the ones I found were scammers of one type
    or another. At least with Costco, I know where I stand. The local
    camera specialty stores are still between $1600 and $1700.

    The thing that really struck me was that Costco appeared to drop it
    altogether. The thing that's held me back from buying the D200 was
    mainly that I didn't want to be the owner of a brand new, but outdated
    camera as the next generation came out with twice the resolution.

    The D200 has been out long enough that it seemed like it was due for an
    upgrade. Or a D300.

    Charlie, Jul 8, 2007
  6. Charlie

    No One Guest

    No One, Jul 8, 2007
  7. Peter A. Stavrakoglou, Jul 8, 2007
  8. Charlie

    Paul Furman Guest

    The pro level D2x is what's due for an update.
    Looks too good to be true.
    Paul Furman, Jul 8, 2007
  9. Charlie

    JoeT Guest

    The item is listed on but not stocked by or shipped from Amazon otherwise
    I'd jump on it before they corrected the error!! Following the availability
    link reveals that price from only one of 3 sources that list it as new but
    that one instruct you to call them before ordering. The result of that call
    would likely be to find out the deal is good to be true.I can hear it now,
    "That package is on backorder but we can offer you in this comparable (in
    price but surely not quality) package. The other two sources listed at that
    link show the typical price of approx. $2300.00 and one of those is Adorama
    which is sort of known for bait and switch but in this case has a normal
    listing price.

    Call them and see what they say!
    JoeT, Jul 8, 2007
  10. Charlie

    No One Guest

    Yeah, I had the same kind of wonderment. If this was on e-bay, I'd say
    no way, but Amazon is a bit picker about their merchants.
    No One, Jul 8, 2007
  11. That lens sells for around $800.00. I still find this hard to believe.
    Peter A. Stavrakoglou, Jul 8, 2007
  12. Oliver Costich, Jul 8, 2007
    Oliver Costich, Jul 8, 2007
  14. Not any more. There are some real slime there.
    Oliver Costich, Jul 8, 2007
  15. Charlie

    JoeT Guest

    That's for the camera body only. The one that had the $1300 price in the OP
    was for a body and lens package. Best price for that same combo is in the
    $2300 range.
    JoeT, Jul 9, 2007
  16. Charlie

    Joe Guest

    I just tried to buy this, but a message popped up during the transaction to
    tell me that they couldn't ship to the UK. I really wanted to take them up
    on that offer as I don't see how they could go back on it. In law, you must
    sell the goods at the price you offered them for on your website. It's a
    heck of a deal!

    Joe, Jul 9, 2007
  17. Charlie

    Joe Guest


    They have also adjusted (corrected) the price since I attempted to order it.

    Joe, Jul 9, 2007
  18. Different vendor isn't it?
    Oliver Costich, Jul 10, 2007
  19. Charlie

    JoeT Guest

    Yes the vendor that had the $1300 listing is no longer shown. They were the
    one with the "Call us before ordering" instruction in their description
    JoeT, Jul 10, 2007
  20. Charlie

    Joel Guest

    I didn't follow this thread closely to know if the $1300 comes with any
    lens or just body (I guess must have some lens). But this is one of the
    sites I usually use to check for price and rating

    Joel, Jul 10, 2007
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