D200: how long between purchase and delivery? Looking for actual experiences in purchasing the came

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Matt Clara, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Matt Clara

    Matt Clara Guest

    So, how long does it take between ordering one and receiving one?
    Matt Clara, Apr 14, 2006
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  2. Matt Clara

    Sharp Guest

    Well, my experience is probably not common, but I'll tell you anyway.
    When thew first rumors about the D200 were around and BEFORE it was
    officially announced, I told my local store I wanted one. This was in
    early November of 2005. The store had funds on my account to cover the
    cost ofl the camera.

    I STILL don't have a D200.
    Sharp, Apr 14, 2006
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  3. Matt Clara

    tomm42 Guest

    I ordered one from Circuit City and receved it in a week, they sold out
    of that batch in 1 day. It shouldn't take more than a few weeks, if it
    does I'd withdraw your order. No sense in haveing someone else get
    interest on your money. In a way Nikon has let the little stores float,
    one of the local camera shops here, a Ritz franchise, but has used and
    pro cameras. Said they hadn't seen one yet as of a month ago, and they
    had a waiting list. That is when I decided I'd have to go to the big
    box houses, would much rather deal with a local shop, but I'd also
    rather have a camera.

    tomm42, Apr 14, 2006
  4. I BILLION hours. :)
    Thomas T. Veldhouse, Apr 14, 2006
  5. I heard a rumor that Nikon might be having quality issues with this camera
    coming out of Taiwan (???). Same issue with the 18-200 AF-S VR.
    Thomas T. Veldhouse, Apr 14, 2006
  6. Nonsense!!!! Cameta Camera has as many D200s as you want on eBay. The
    question is you willing to become the poster child of the epitome of
    stupidity by breaking every terrestrial and celestial boundary of common
    sense by paying a penny more than MSRP?

    Rita Ä Berkowitz, Apr 14, 2006
  7. What about the 18-200 VR?
    Thomas T. Veldhouse, Apr 14, 2006
  8. What about it? I could have bought fifteen of them from Cameta last week if
    I were willing to overpay. If you are talking about its quality and
    workmanship I don't think that is an issue for it exceeds this in its
    price/type class. It's not a needed item for me since I have everything
    from 17-400mm covered so I will definitely buy one when they are being sold
    for $100 under MSRP.

    Rita Ä Berkowitz, Apr 14, 2006
  9. Check alt.urban-legend ... our store has only rec'd 4 of the initial 20 we
    ordered in November, 2005.
    Darrell Larose, Apr 14, 2006
  10. Best Buy, USA was shipped 8,000 D200 as it is easier for Nikon to send an
    entire container to a big box rather than a real camera store.
    Darrell Larose, Apr 14, 2006
  11. Matt Clara

    Don Wiss Guest

    A week ago Unique Photo shipped my D-200, 18-200, and 12-24 the day I
    ordered it. It arrived UPS ground the next day. But this may not hold true
    for everybody.

    Don <www.donwiss.com> (e-mail link at home page bottom).
    Don Wiss, Apr 14, 2006
  12. Matt Clara

    george Guest

    My experience was about 30 seconds (a local dealer had one in stock and, no,
    I was not on any list anywhere). Good luck in getting yours. You'll like

    george, Apr 14, 2006
  13. Matt Clara

    Matt Clara Guest

    Can anyone report on B&H service on this item?
    Matt Clara, Apr 15, 2006
  14. Matt Clara

    Scharf-DCA Guest

    Depends on if you're just getting the body or getting the kit with the
    18-70mm lens. The latter is available immediately ($2000) from multiple
    sources, while the body-only is back-ordered everywhere.

    You're better off waiting anyway. Early production is usually not as
    good as later production (i.e. the banding issue).
    Scharf-DCA, Apr 15, 2006
  15. Matt Clara

    Nick Beard Guest

    Ordered on a Tuesday from supplier in Hong Kong. Shipped wednesday A.M, via
    UPS, Arrived on my doorstep (UK) on Thursday at Noon. Cant get faster than
    that! Full garuntees, no fuss no waiting probably got the only one in my
    Nick Beard, Apr 15, 2006
  16. Matt Clara

    MrB Guest

    I just went to their website and did a search on D200. It said NEW coming
    MrB, Apr 15, 2006
  17. Matt Clara

    Matt Clara Guest

    That's the new D200 kit with the 18-200mm lens. The camera body itself says
    Back Ordered.
    Matt Clara, Apr 15, 2006
  18. Matt Clara

    Tom Guest

    Well in early December I plunked dowm the full $1699 at my local camera
    store [Action Camera in Roseville, CA] for the D200. Most people put
    down a deposit. The store was supposed to get forty D200s.They got
    three in, not forty!!. I had mine in hand a week before Christmas.

    I found a store on the Internet that sold me the Nikon 18-200 at MSRP
    and I bought it. I went to my local store and paid ahead for the Nikon
    105mm macro VR and got one of the two they received. It doesn't pay to
    be cautious when you KNOW what you want. Try Google's FROOGLE for the
    best prices. Be warned, I found several stores that lied about having
    it in stock. Call the store and make sure they have one and will ship
    it THAT day. Some stores will take your money and THEN tell you it is
    "back ordered" and will be here "soon". Caveat emptor.

    BTW, all three products perform even better than I expected.

    I bought my first Nikon [a Nikon F] in 1959 in Japan. I won't buy any
    other brand and have never regretted my loyalty to Nikon.

    Tom Roach
    Tom, Apr 15, 2006
  19. Matt Clara

    Jan Böhme Guest

    Rita Ä Berkowitz skrev:
    Good for you. Here in Sweden, there hasn't yet been a single D200
    available to a buyer that hadn't signed up previously. And lots of
    those who have signed up are still waiting.

    Jan Böhme
    Jan Böhme, Apr 16, 2006
  20. Matt Clara

    zeitgeist Guest

    somehow I suspect that every camera dealer in the whole east coast has heard
    your name and knows about your rogues gallery of store fronts and treats you
    with the same respect restaurants show reviewers from a major newspaper.
    zeitgeist, Apr 17, 2006
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