D300 front focus; time for firmware update?

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Sosumi, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Sosumi

    Sosumi Guest

    A few days ago I had a portrait assignment. Everything seemed to go well,
    but when I came home, I saw that most pictures had a focus problem. I had
    focused on the eyes and then recomposed the picture, but the nose instead of
    the eyes were sharp!

    I looked around on the net and found a focus chart, printed it and the fun
    began. First the 18-55mm lens, which I corrected by +8 steps, the 50mm F1.8
    with +18 steps (out of 20!) and the 55-200 VR with only +4 steps.

    Does anybody recognize this? If all lenses are in front focus, shouldn't it
    be adjusted already in the firmware? Or am I seeing ghosts?

    On the other hand: at least the D300 has the ability to fine tune the focus.
    As far as I know, the Canon 1Ds MIII is the only other one, but costs 8000.-
    The 40D doesn't have this feature at all.

    I also tested my D40 and D40x and both had front focus with the 50 and
    18-55mm. But not so much as the D300.
    Sosumi, Dec 25, 2007
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  2. Sosumi

    Frank Arthur Guest

    Hundreds of thousands of D300 users do no have focus problems but
    "Sosumi" does.
    Therefore Nikon is at fault!
    Frank Arthur, Dec 25, 2007
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  3. Sosumi

    Sosumi Guest

    Billions of people, but only a one cel one asshole that reacts...


    Sosumi, Dec 25, 2007
  4. Wow. Nikon already sold hundreds of thousands D300?
    I am very impressed that they could even crank out that many cameras in such
    a short time span.
    Maybe I should get some Nikon stock.

    Jürgen Exner, Dec 26, 2007
  5. Sosumi

    Frank Arthur Guest

    Jürgen. It doesn't take brains to recognize the value of Nikon stock.
    If you imagine
    a room full of elves putting together D300 cameras on wooden benches,
    screwdrivers in hand
    then you are a dreamer. Containers on ships full of Nikon cameras
    cross the seven seas!
    Frank Arthur, Dec 26, 2007
  6. Sosumi

    C J Campbell Guest

    The initial shipment of the D300 quickly sold out. They probably had at
    least a couple months' production completed before the camera was even
    released. According to Thom Hogan, Nikon was making 60,000 D300s a
    month, but has now increased production to 70,000. So, yeah, Nikon has
    probably sold a couple hundred thousand D300s.
    C J Campbell, Dec 27, 2007
  7. Sosumi

    C J Campbell Guest

    This is why you never should be among the first to buy a new camera,
    Sosumi! :)

    Seriously, almost all camera models have some problems with back or
    front focus. It is a mechanical problem and it can vary from one lens
    to another. At least the D300 can be re-programmed, even right down to
    the specific lens.

    However, if your camera is consistently front-focusing, it is time to
    let Nikon know, while the camera is still in warranty.

    As you have noted, you can shoot all kinds of subjects without it
    becoming much of an issue, but for portraits the focus needs to be
    right on. It is also a big deal when shooting things like baby birds in
    their nest. I would let Nikon know if the camera is front focusing.

    However, didn't you buy a gray market camera? No warranty from Nikon if
    you did. This is not a problem with reputable camera dealers, though,
    who will themselves provide warranty service as good as, if not better,
    than what you can get from Nikon.
    C J Campbell, Dec 27, 2007
  8. Sosumi

    Sosumi Guest

    Hm, I thought, since I can adjust the focus with the camera software, it
    might also be adjusted with the firmware?
    And do, I didn't buy grey market. I bought from Pixmania, who also have a
    store in Lisbon. They're located in France and all their Nikons are from the
    official distributor for Europe in the Netherlands. But they come with a
    French manual ;-(( so I had to download the English one and print it. But
    the price was OK and they were one of the few who really had it in stock.
    Still a lot more than in the USA, but what can you do?

    I'll take it up with the importer in Lisbon. See what happens and what they
    say about this issue.
    Sosumi, Dec 27, 2007
  9. Sosumi

    Tony Polson Guest

    It seems strange, to say the least, that an inexperienced photographer
    who is having focusing problems with the Nikon D300 he just bought is
    so shamelessly criticising Canon's quality control.

    In your case, it seems that Nikon's quality control is no better!

    You would be well advised not to waste any more of your valuable time
    slanderously criticising Canon's quality control on newsgroups.
    Instead, why not sort out the problems you have with your Nikon so you
    can begin to learn how to use it properly?
    Tony Polson, Dec 27, 2007
  10. Sosumi

    Sosumi Guest

    You don't even have a clue what back or front focus means, do you boy?
    With the D300 it can be adjusted perfectly, which is more than the 40D can,
    because it doesn't have these options.
    And it is something not even close to the real focus problem that Canon can
    not (he! That's funny!) completely repair on the 1D mIII.
    Sosumi, Dec 28, 2007
  11. Sosumi

    Tony Polson Guest

    Whereas you don't have a clue about photography. Period.

    Stop telling lies on newsgroups and go learn about photography.
    Tony Polson, Dec 28, 2007
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