D300 review at DPReview

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by frederick, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. frederick

    frederick Guest


    Final words in the review:
    "There is price, but sometimes the best products demand a premium and
    the D300 is no exception. Nikon's biggest problem now will be bettering
    the D300; it raises the bar to a new high, and represents the state of
    the art despite strong competition from the likes of Canon, Sony and
    Olympus. There's simply no better semi-professional digital SLR on the

    Some truly priceless "discussions" going on in the DPReview forums on
    this one.
    The worst part about DPReview (IMO) is that the forums, once a useful
    resource from which to get information about many things photographic,
    have turned into a crazy mess of brand-warring, ignorance, and trolling.
    frederick, Mar 13, 2008
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  2. frederick

    Robert Brace Guest

    This begs the question as to whether or not there are any "useful
    resources" left in the form of forums that haven't been usurped by these
    idiotic DF's?
    What a pathetic existence they must lead when that kind of activity
    becomes their day's entertainment.
    Robert Brace, Mar 13, 2008
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  3. frederick

    RichA Guest

    Canon forum: The throne is gone.
    Pentax forum: Reasonable humans, seemingly more concerned with
    (gasp!) photography than fighting!
    Olympus forum: Reactionary denialists par excellence. What we need
    is a good $1100 so it would match it's performance.
    Samsung forum: Who?
    Nikon forum: Rightly proud, Nikon is Lazarus or a Phoenix, bravo!
    RichA, Mar 13, 2008
  4. frederick

    Cynicor Guest

    Yeah, really. Especially Canon fans!
    Cynicor, Mar 13, 2008
  5. frederick

    Paul J Gans Guest

    You mean like rec.photo.digital.slr-systems?
    Paul J Gans, Mar 13, 2008
  6. Absolutely. I'm so thankful we don't have to put up with such nonsense here!
    Tully Albrecht, Mar 13, 2008
  7. frederick

    Focus Guest

    Uncle Phil is still a Canon fan, obviously, because he compares the D300
    with a 1.8 50mm against the 40D with a 1.4. C'mon Phil! That's BS.
    He thinks the ergonomics and handling of both camera's is the same. Right.
    Try to change aperture and shutterspeed in manual mode at the same time and
    you'll see he's wrong.
    Then he has sharpness on 3 of 9, because he says the picture will suffer
    from artifacts. I've been taking pictures from the very start on 9 and have
    no such problem. Maybe it's Phil?
    With the samples he shows that he's really not a top photographer: very
    uninteresting, flat shots, no action shots (in which the D300 excels) and no
    shots that use the Active D-Lighting feature.

    All in all: I've seen much better reviews.
    Focus, Mar 13, 2008
  8. The crux of the problem is most Canon shooters aren't used to seeing sharp
    images when they use L glass. This is one major complaint when a Canon
    shooter switches to Nikon, the razor sharp images with creamy bokeh is too
    much for their mind to comprehend all at once. This is why Nikon has taken
    into consideration of putting in a "Canon" mode in their pro bodies. This
    mode will emulate all the blurriness and focus problems associated with most
    Canon bodies. There will also be an "Error 99" emulator as well.

    Rita Berkowitz, Mar 13, 2008
  9. [blah blah blah]
    Yes, I always found that reviews that don't support *my*
    point of view are inevitably much worse than those that do ...

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Mar 13, 2008
  10. frederick

    Jufi Guest

    Your insanity has reached new levels! Probably because your ass has reached
    a new huge size.
    Jufi, Mar 13, 2008
  11. frederick

    Focus Guest

    The only one that's doing all the bla, bla is the wooluf!

    I just stated some *facts*, not opinions, but you wouldn't know the
    difference if it bit you in the ass.
    Focus, Mar 13, 2008
  12. frederick

    Focus Guest

    LOL, your humor is priceless! Too bad there's an ocean between us, otherwise
    I'd sure would like to have some coffee with you!
    Any chance you ever have a holiday in Portugal?
    Focus, Mar 13, 2008
  13. That's in the the plan.

    Rita Berkowitz, Mar 13, 2008
  14. "The only one that's doing all the bla, bla is the wooluf!"
    is an opinion, not a fact. (It can't be a fact: it's wrong
    and, if presented as a fact, it's also libel[1].)

    By your own standards (and Rita's measuring stick, too)[2],
    you don't know review from ass. Post your own review (we'll
    all promise not to die from laughing at it) first before you
    dare commenting on other people reviews. Or are you just another
    hypocrite, talking with a split tongue, one whom the worst used-car
    salesmen find too oily?
    Dear Fokus --- BTW, should I deface your name? It seems to be
    proper behaviour when you talk. I think about a strategically
    placed "i" --- you are not equipped to detect the difference
    between anyone knowing the difference between facts and opinions,
    so keep yourself closed.


    [1] And since you probably don't know: Truth is not always,
    and not everywhere, a defense.
    [2] see e.g. Message-ID: <>
    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Mar 13, 2008
  15. frederick

    Focus Guest

    You'll never regret it. It'll blow your mind. Be sure to take a lot of CF
    cards or an incredible large imagetank. ;-)
    Focus, Mar 13, 2008
  16. Or, indeed, pretty much the whole of Usenet..

    Tony Gartshore, Mar 13, 2008
  17. frederick

    Alfred Molon Guest

    They call it "aliasing".
    Alfred Molon, Mar 13, 2008
  18. frederick

    frederick Guest

    Earlier on in the review he evaluates software, including ACR, Bibble,
    ViewNX, and CaptureNX. There are some resolution chart samples there
    which show that the $100 made in China f1.8 takes the resolution well
    above results achieved when shooting jpeg. So it appears that a cheap
    lens can still outresolve a 12mp APS-C sensor.
    The Nikon software seems to produce a cleaner transition through to
    extinction of resolution, Capture and ViewNX render raw files the same.

    Phil also picked up on the difference in-camera CA correction makes.
    It's nice to have CA corrected even when you wouldn't see it as a
    specific colour fringe, with the result that edge performance of some
    lenses improves visibly in low contrast scenes as well(my Sigma 10-20
    just got much better at 10mm).

    Handling and ergonomics is an issue with the D300 IMO. There's a couple
    of specific things that bug me (CSM switch is #1). Other ergonomic
    issues are hard to define, as how it could be done better isn't
    immediately apparent, but I seem to need to refer to the 400+ page brick
    of a manual more often than I'd hoped.
    frederick, Mar 13, 2008
  19. frederick

    Focus Guest

    I definitely see a difference in sharpness and color when using PS or NX. I
    just think NX is better and it's easier and faster for a lot of reasons, not
    least the possiblity to read the camera settings.
    I practically always use Capture NX. Now even more, because Nik software
    released some awesome filters for it. This is fantastic: for special efex I
    don't need to save as a TIF and then open it in Photoshop anymore.
    Check it out: 30 day free trial.
    What Phil (and not one single reviewer, as far as I know) didn't pick up, is
    the possibility to see wb and picture settings change in Liveview. I think
    it's very usefull, specially in a studio with a 42" HDMI screen...
    I have read more people complaining about that CSM switch. Honestly: I don't
    understand why. I've never had one single time that it was flipped or that I
    flipped it by accident to another selection.
    About the manual: it's a very sophisticated tool, so it comes to no surprise
    hat you will have to learn.

    Did you know that Nikon (Europe) says, it takes about 3 years for a
    professional photographer to really know his camera?
    I only had mine for about 3 months and I feel I have scratched the surface.
    I do see an improvement compared with the first pictures and hopefully this
    curve will keep going up for some time ;-)
    Focus, Mar 13, 2008
  20. frederick

    me Guest

    From my experience with the D200 it appears to really depend upon how you
    handle the camera. Mine frequently has the 70-200 f/2.8 VR + TC-2 attached.
    As such the switch frequently gets bumped as it's pulled out of my Lowepro
    Minitrekker AW or pulled across my body where it's carried on my left side,
    top facing to my body, camera strap over my head and right shoulder. Not a
    plus fro me compared to my older D70 in this respect.
    me, Mar 13, 2008
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