D70s "CHA" error

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Morgan Perry, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Morgan Perry

    Morgan Perry Guest

    I've had my Nikon D70s for about 6 months. Still learning how to use it, and
    enjoying it very much.

    I've noticed an intermittent error message that seems to appear from time to
    time. On the LCD display panel on the top of the camera, in the exact
    location where it normally displays the number of shots remaining, it
    occasionally displays a rather cryptic message which reads "CHA"....

    Once this error message is displayed, the camera won't take any more
    pictures....unless you turn if off for a few minutes... Then everything goes
    back to normal. The first 2 or 3 times I saw this, I though it might be
    trying to tell me that it's time to charge the battery (CHA??), however, the
    battery level indicator was fine, and I knew for a fact the battery still
    had plenty of juice left in it.

    I've been digging around on the web, and I found a little information about
    this happening on early model D70 cameras, and that it's usually caused by a
    faulty [or perhaps unsupported] compact flash card. In a few places, I read
    that formatting the memory card will clear the error. However, my camera is
    the D70s (and therefore newer) and my memory card is a 1GB Sandisk Extreme
    III compact flash. In the last 6 months, I've taken roughly 3,000 photos and
    I've seen this error message only 5 or 6 times. As I have said, turning the
    camera off for a few minutes usually resolves the issue. Just wondering if
    anyone else has experienced this..

    Thanks in advance.

    Morgan Perry, Mar 20, 2006
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  2. Morgan Perry

    Ono Notim Guest

    Ono Notim, Mar 20, 2006
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  3. Morgan Perry

    cjcampbell Guest

    Couple errors here. First of all, the D70 and the D70s are identical.
    The only difference is the size of the LCD on the back. So what affects
    one will affect the other. And there is nothing about it being unique
    to early model D70 cameras.

    Secondly, it is not always caused by a faulty or unsupported compact
    flash card, although the SanDisk Extreme III and other fast write cards
    seem to me to have the problem more often, especially when taking a lot
    of pictures in fast sequence. I notice the problem seems to come up
    more often when using certain batteries, especially third party
    batteries. Personally, I also suspect some environmental factors can
    cause the problem, especially heat.
    cjcampbell, Mar 21, 2006
  4. Morgan Perry

    Nikon User Guest

    That just is not true. There are other differences, such as the D70s
    being able to remotely control a an SD600, which the D70 can't do.
    Nikon User, Mar 23, 2006
  5. Morgan Perry

    JTS Brown Guest

    What is an "SD600"?
    JTS Brown, Mar 23, 2006
  6. Morgan Perry

    cjcampbell Guest

    It can remotely control a Canon Powershot? That IS amazing!

    But if you are talking about the SB600 flash, the D70 has i-TTL and can
    use its flash in Commander mode just like the D70s, so yes, the SB600
    is remotely controlled just like the D70s. There is no difference at
    all. I prefer the SB800, personally.

    I did forget that the D70s can use the optional MC-DC1 remote cord, but
    most people use the ML-3 wireless controller on both cameras.

    Nikon also claims that the D70s' built-in flash has a slightly wider
    angle. You can't prove it by me, though.

    Both cameras have identical firmware and menus, controls, and buttons.
    There was a rumor about the prism or viewfinder being different, but
    that is a rumor. The same rumor also alleges that the D70 started
    getting the same prism or viewfinder when the D70s was introduced. No
    one has actually been able to show any difference, but whatever.

    Almost all reviewers treat the two cameras as identical for all
    practical purposes.
    cjcampbell, Mar 23, 2006
  7. Morgan Perry

    Jeremy Nixon Guest

    Assuming you meant "SB600", the D70 most certainly can remotely control it.
    Jeremy Nixon, Mar 23, 2006
  8. Morgan Perry

    Nikon User Guest

    Assuming you meant "SB600", the D70 most certainly can remotely
    control it.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, SB; my finger slipped, but no it can't.
    Nikon User, Mar 23, 2006
  9. Morgan Perry

    Dave Guest

    Maybe you haven't figured out how to do it, but I have and it works just


    Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability
    to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable
    for their apparent disinclination to do so. - Douglas Adams
    Dave, Mar 23, 2006
  10. Morgan Perry

    Jeremy Nixon Guest

    I promise you that it can. I've done it, and there is no trick to it at all.
    Jeremy Nixon, Mar 23, 2006
  11. Morgan Perry

    cjcampbell Guest

    Yeah, SB; my finger slipped, but no it can't.[/QUOTE]

    And you call yourself "Nikon User." Yes, it can. I have done it myself.
    cjcampbell, Mar 23, 2006
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