Damn you, FEDEX! or Nikon D40 lost in Springfield, MO blackhole.

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by DR SMITH, Jul 29, 2008.


    DR SMITH Guest

    My father, who has been dabbling in photography, recently decided to replace
    the 2 mp Mavica he had been using with a Nikon D40. After shopping around,
    he got me to order one for him. I ordered it on July 10th. It was shipped
    on July 11th. FEDERAL EXCUSE (FedEx) loses it on July 12th. The shipper
    had it insured, but from what I have read it could take weeks to sort this
    crap out.

    Fed-Up-Ex-Fed-Ex Customer
    DR SMITH, Jul 29, 2008
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    Frank Arthur Guest

    Oh woe is me! Whatever shall I do! What tragedy!
    We will all weep for you!
    Frank Arthur, Jul 29, 2008
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    DR SMITH Guest

    You're one of them aren't you?
    DR SMITH, Jul 30, 2008

    Wilson Guest

    FedEx and their competitors handle a zillion packages per year. Stuff can
    happen. If you are actually some kind of a Doctor you shouldn't be unaware
    of that risk. And if you find that risk to be to great then you ought to
    buy your cameras locally and carry them home with you. My advice is for you
    to go do something worthwhile and allow the situation unravel.
    Wilson, Jul 30, 2008
  5. Reported by FedEx on December 17, 2007, their busiest day ever:

    "FedEx will ship about 11.3 million packages today, up 15 percent from
    its busiest day in 2006, Dec. 18, when 9.8 million packages were
    shipped, FedEx spokeswoman Carla Boyd said"


    And somehow, most of them get there.
    krishnananda das, Jul 30, 2008
  6. Hey, you may get lucky. You may get your insurance from FedEx and a couple
    weeks later they find it and deliver it.
    Gary Charpentier, Jul 30, 2008

    Frank Arthur Guest

    Yes. I am a Secret Fed-Ex Agent in charge of harrassing people who
    have lost packages. Let me add that to my very long list of what I
    have been accused of
    over the years.
    Frank Arthur, Jul 30, 2008

    DR SMITH Guest

    I have to admit things are looking up. The replacement is supposed to
    arrive tomorrow (Monday, August 4). Ritz Camera shipped it Saturday and
    Overnighted it. I just checked the tracking page and it is at the local
    FedEx facility. Now hopefully the driver does not delivery it to the local
    pawnshop. A coworker of mine who has a firearms license has stopped using
    FedEx because of one to many guns ended up at the wrong address. The last
    time he used them the FE driver who could not find the address ( the same
    address UPS has no problem with) dropped the package half a mile down the
    road. The package ( a pistol) bounced around behind the seat of some guy's
    pickup truck for a month before the guy remembered he had it and dropped it
    off. The FE driver had reported that he had never had it and no one had
    signed for it. By this time the gun had been reported stolen. It was a
    DR SMITH, Aug 4, 2008
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