Dare I do it again? Some pix from the V8 Supercars on the weekend....

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by POTD.com.au, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. POTD.com.au

    POTD.com.au Guest

    POTD.com.au, Jul 26, 2005
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  2. POTD.com.au

    Choderboy Guest

    Went to have a look , but pics are very small?
    Is that just a copyright thing?
    Choderboy, Jul 26, 2005
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  3. POTD.com.au

    POTD.com.au Guest

    Click the thumbs to open the image page. If you still want larger click the
    image to open a higher res in a new window.

    The higher res ones are around 640-800 pixels and are limited to that as a
    copyright thing as you mentioned.
    POTD.com.au, Jul 26, 2005
  4. POTD.com.au

    Guest Guest

    Great shots, Russell. Mr Sandman is my favourite of
    the car shots, but Repair Tape is my overall favourite.

    Guest, Jul 26, 2005
  5. POTD.com.au

    POTD.com.au Guest

    Thanks mm,

    Repair Tape has been quite popular.... I guess there are more people into
    graphic/abstact images than I imagined. :)

    I will be uploading a half dozen or so more over the next day or two, so
    please drop back again.


    POTD.com.au, Jul 26, 2005
  6. POTD.com.au

    Lachy Guest


    Just curious what equipment you were using, and settings on the camera as
    well. Great shots......all of them.

    I was there and got a few "ok" shots, but nothing worth getting excited
    about. Too much cloud vs high speed cars for my lenses I am afraid / think.

    Lachy, Jul 26, 2005
  7. POTD.com.au

    POTD.com.au Guest

    Thanks Lachy,

    I was shooting with a 20D and 70-200 2.8L IS ....a few shots I used the
    1.4xII extender, but I tried to avoid it whenever possible to maintain image

    For the blur shots I used between 1/160 sec & 1/250 second, and for the
    frozen action I was around 1/1000 - 1/1250 (Tv mode)

    Anything where I wanted shallow DOF I went Av f4 - f5.6 and just let the
    shutter do it's own thing.

    As you said it was cloudy, so I used ISO200 or 400 mainly.

    All the action shots were panned, so IS Mode 2 was used. (handheld - no


    POTD.com.au, Jul 26, 2005
  8. POTD.com.au

    Lachy Guest

    Thanks Lachy,
    Damn L series users

    Seriously though. Nice shots. I only have a 70-300 f4-5.6 USM III so the
    cloudy day REALLY limited what I could do. The few times the sun did shine,
    I tried to get some shots away. I'd almost give my wife away for a few of
    those 'L' lenses......

    Best combination I found on the day was ISO400, Tv mode at 1/800 or 1/1000
    (anything faster and there wasn't enough light about for my lens) and a
    monopod panned. Most of the shots were corners where cars were at there

    Assume you had 'access' to the track?

    Lachy, Jul 26, 2005
  9. POTD.com.au

    POTD.com.au Guest

    Send me some pix of your wife and we will see what we can do. ;-)

    No access, I just shot from the crowd... but I did bring along my little
    step ladder so that I could shoot over the fence on the corners.
    POTD.com.au, Jul 26, 2005
  10. POTD.com.au

    FuTAnT Guest

    You should have been able to shoot lower shutter speeds than that if you
    were panning with the cars. 1/1000 would have cut the car out of the shot no
    matter where the hell you decided to move the camera. I can shoot Mountain
    bikes 5 feet in front of me at 1/250 no worries, and they are nice n sharp.
    That'l get you a nice blurred background anyway, work your way up from there
    for your desired effect. I guess it's nice if you own a 20D though, as
    there's little distortion going up to ISO400 etc.
    FuTAnT, Jul 26, 2005
  11. POTD.com.au

    Pixby Guest

    Very useful composure taking good advantage of abstraction. I still
    don't like the saturation of colour but apart from the ho, hum - cars
    with no motion appearance, many of the shots are very nice and quite
    salable as advertising fodder and posters... Provided of course, you are
    a accredited CAMS and "Supercars" Photographer. Otherwise, just nice
    pics for your collection.
    Pixby, Aug 5, 2005
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