Darkroom Liquidation: Devere 504, Ilford MG head, Saunders V-track easel, EL-Nikkor lenses and more

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by hugoamt, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. hugoamt

    hugoamt Guest

    I'm moving abroad and I need to liquidate my darkroom. I've collected
    these items over the last few years and have been really pleased both
    with how they function and with the results they produce. I have some
    really choice gear:

    1. Devere 504 enlgarger with condenser head (missing two of three
    condensers), 3 negative carriers (35mm, 6x6, 4x5), and two lensboards.

    2. Ilford Multigrade 500 head with all accessories. Great in
    conjunction with the Devere enlarger.

    3. Saunders 11x14 V-track easel. The expensive one that stays open so
    you have two hands free to put in the paper and make you adjustments.

    4. EL-Nikkor lenses, both 50mm and 105mm. These are the late model
    versions with illuminated stops and are in near mint condition.

    I'd like to get a $900 for the lot. This is all choice gear! I'll throw
    in a full complement of trays, tongs, paper, etc. to whoever buys the
    lot. Otherwise make me an offer for the item you need. I'd rather sell
    the enlarger locally as it is absolutely HUGE. I'll gladly drive it out
    to you for the price of gas (within a day's roundtrip from San Jose,
    CA). Please email me () if you'd like to see more
    pictures of the items or if you have any questions.
    hugoamt, Aug 6, 2006
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