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    The Department of Design & Color is an Orange County based Commercial Photography and Graphic Design Studio specializing in imaging for print, web and multimedia. As a Commercial Photography Studio, we focus all of our resources on our small business and corporate clients. Our single price solution for your next product shoot or marketing campaign simplifies the entire process. We are devoted to delivering great images within your budget and timeframe.

    Quality product photography is essential in today's marketplace. Our product photography includes clipping and masking to a white background to showcase your product in a simple, effective and streamlined way, while keeping your costs to a minimum. We can provide you with all of the product photography services your business requires to compete in your industry, increasing your customers' buying confidence, building credibility and allowing you to sell your products at higher prices.

    What Can DDC Photograph?

    • Retail
    • Fashion
    • Jewelry
    • Architecture
    • Food
    • Art
    • Conceptual

    Why Hire A Professional Photographer?

    Product photography is more than just putting your product in a soft box and clicking away. With years of experience and thousands of items photographed we know what makes a good photograph happen. Quality of cameras and lenses, reflection, lighting, color correction and many other factors come into play when photographing a product. Remember, marketing is driven by visual communication; the better the image, the better the response to your product. The presentation of your product to a potential customer or client is extremely important and should be handled in a professional manner. Professional photography is the key to ensuring that your product is clearly communicated. In addition, it serves as the main instrument to selling more products and increasing your overall sales.

    How Does Product Photography Work?

    • Gather the best samples of your product
     Anything with blemishes or dings should be avoided
     Metallic items should be polished
     Clothing should be unworn, ironed or steamed and always size Medium
     No Prototypes

    • Communicate your vision
     If you have an idea, let us know, we love bringing your vision to life
     Look at other catalogs or marketing images and tell us what look you want to achieve
     Models can be provided upon request

    • Set a time line
     Allow ample time for preparation and setup of your product
     Arrange delivery or pickup of your products at least 24hrs before the shoot
     Provide a detailed shot list of all the products in the order and orientation that you wish to have them photographed
     Have a date set to have all your images completed

    • Work with our production team
     We provide full package services so leave the clipping and color correction to us
     Indicate image requirements, such as resolution and size for your print and web needs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How many items can you shoot in an hour?
    The answer depends on several factors. First, how difficult is it to handle your product? For example, self standing products such as shoes can be shot very quickly, about 25 pairs per hour if it does not require side, back or detail shots. If your product needs to be held up with fixtures or you require a model or a mannequin, the shoot time increases.

    • What is a Seamless Background?
    A seamless background is a single color or gradient background without any lines or creases. Although all products will be shot on a seamless background, they will still require slight color correction or clipping to fit your print or web needs. This is done in the post production phase once the photoshoot has been completed.

    • Can we ship our products to you?
    All products need to be delivered to our studio ready to shoot. This means that all metallic items should be polished, clothes should be ironed or steamed etc. If you choose to ship your products to our studio, you will need to provide the necessary tools and directions so that our team can prepare the products accordingly. You must also arrange a return method for all products. We strongly suggest that a representative from your company is present during the entire photoshoot for creative direction.

    • How do we receive our images?
    Once your images are ready for delivery, you will receive a CD/DVD in the mail containing all of your product images in the dimensions and file formats that you requested. We also offer a downloaded zip file from our server at no charge.

    • How much warning do you need before a shoot?
    In most cases, the more time the better, but we can turn a project around within 48 hours if everything is set to go.
    DDC, Apr 10, 2009
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