Dear Sony...specks of dirt INSIDE my Sony Alpha lens!

Discussion in 'Sony' started by BobFlint, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. BobFlint

    BobFlint Guest

    I just noticed them - this is a supposedly new lens! I can see them through the
    objective, they are stuck on the next element... (18-200)

    This is the SECOND Sony lens, the first one was defective and the focus motor
    jammed... so I won't return it... who knows what will be screwed up next time!

    I'm sure they don't affect the pictures, since they aren't on the focus plane
    and are too small to affect light, but... maybe Sony should apply their
    dust-shaker to the lens as well... or the craniums of their management...

    No more Sony products!

    ( I just discovered there is no firewire cable in the box with my new Sony DV
    camcorder... it is a $125 option!!! A 4-wire 6 foot cable!!! The dam camera was
    only $400 !!!!!!! )

    bye bye Sony... you're not only thieves, you are incompetent...

    I guess I'll look at the Canons coming next year... February I think...

    BTW Did you know Sony buys TV technology from Samsung?
    BobFlint, Dec 18, 2006
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  2. skrev:
    For a lot of reasons there are manufactor errors in every consumer
    product along the line. I've had cellphones that was a dud from the day
    I got it to even lenses that didn't rotate. For the number of posts i've
    read about the quality of the lenses I've not seen anything like this.
    The lenses that didn't work where one non-usm canon lense that my sister
    got on her rebel years ago and a minolta lense I got which looked like
    had a fall in the store. I would assume there is a great deal of
    possibility that the sony lense in question had suffer a fall somewhere
    on the way to you thus jamming the lense elements.
    You know you could spend that energy on returning it again. Third times
    a charm. You're just an unlucky customer, just like I felt when I spent
    three months sending my cellphone back and forth from the service shop
    just because I waited 8 days and not 7 before returning it since it
    never worked flawlessly. And 8 days mean it has to go to service three
    times before I get a replacement.
    Should I stop buying every product from a manufacturer that somewhere on
    the way annoyed me I wouldn't be buying anything anymore. I once had a
    sony recever that costed a fortune but had the reciving strength of a
    cheap radio. But it lived up in other areas, the sound quality was
    suberb when I got a bigger antenna. Much better than my old radio.

    Just as a comparison. How many times have windows failed you? And still,
    you probably use windows anyway, along with other microsoft products
    like office. Or your car? I've got friends whos german cars keep failing
    on them, and they still buy german cars. (I'm europeian by the way)
    Where on earth do you shop?

    lowest is $12.88. 1m variat but pricegrabber didn't have others.
    That was quite a mature statement.
    What if you get a faulty camera or lense from canon? It's just as likely
    to happend?
    Did you know that Sony and Samsung has a joint venture on LCD
    production? And Sony put quality issues first and foremost. Oh, in
    contrast to your sidenote I actually include references:

    Still a big world there out to find new things to hate. I have had bad
    batchs of diet coke. Maybe I'll start to hate coca cola company cause
    they might accidently slip a bad batch through. And sometimes the bread
    I buys have slightly overbaked parts. Maybe I should start to hate the
    city bakerys. Or I could be sensible and realize that the world isn't
    perfect, sometimes a problem occurs. And if you're unlucky it happends
    to you again. But that's why they have replacement policys.

    No wonder why the hippies talked about peace out. People have too much
    hate, and not to mention too much brand pride. I own Minolta equipment
    and should reccomend Sony to everybody, but still I've reccomended
    olympus, nikon and canon as well as sony to my friends. Just because not
    everyone have the same needs or focus like I do.
    Geir Eivind Mork, Dec 18, 2006
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  3. BobFlint

    BobFlint Guest

    cell phones cost $25.... not $500....
    What about the other lens with dirt inside??

    stupid cliche...
    The more crap companies I put on my list, the better the quality of my purchases
    There are no alternatives, except Linux, and I don't have time to learn it...
    whereas all cameras are functionally the same...
    I guess they're just stupid... I don't buy cars from the country I live in, I
    buy cars that are reliable.
    Sony... where the camera came from...

    see the I-link cable... $119 before 15% tax...

    Thank you, it was a true statement as well.
    Don't think so, I never heard of Canon supplying 2 bad lens's in a row to one
    customer. Have you? Well?
    unlucky? another stupid cliche.... maybe you could write a book of fables... I
    don't believe in luck... it has so basis in science.
    I don't hate Sony, I just dis-respect them. I don't even hate you! :)
    I don't have brand pride... I own Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Maymiya
    Sekor and other cameras... I have cameras going back to the 40s, but I would
    never trust a company that supplied TWO DEFECTIVE $500 LENSES and then asked for
    $120 for (as you point out) a $20 cable!

    Anyway, it's Xmas time which is supposed to be a time for peace, so peace to
    you, and don't take my jumping up and down so seriously!

    BobFlint, Dec 18, 2006
  4. BobFlint

    Lionel Guest

    Don't get me started on Sony's (lack of) quality control & (poor)
    construction. I've been burned by them on VCRs & laptops, & sure as
    hell wouldn't anything as expensive as a DSLR from them. Pretty much
    any of the other big name brands (except Sigma) would be a safer bet.
    Jesus. A generic Firewire cable will cost you all of about $5-10 from
    a retailer. If you were local to me, I'd happily give you one of my
    Lionel, Dec 18, 2006
  5. BobFlint

    bob Guest

    I have yet to see a lens that's totally dust speck free
    Every single Nikon lens I have (12) has at least a speck of dust . every
    single Pentax lens(6) I have has the odd speck of dust.
    Do I lose sleep over it.. ...No. Do I shoot through loads of sky light
    light filters -- No

    I have shot through glass with a rub mark or the odd light scratch.. The
    images are more than acceptable

    If you have dust in your lens or the odd scratch please let me know I will
    take them off your hands for a small fee. that way you can sleep :)

    What you should be worried about is dust on the sensor
    bob, Dec 18, 2006

  6. That's funny, because Sigma actually made many of the more reliable and
    very expensive DSLRs for the other brands in the early days, and are the
    only company in Japan hand-building DSLRs. Now they only build their own
    (but don't tell any 4/3rds system owners where a lot of their camera
    comes from, as well as their lens). Their own DSLR is extremely reliable
    and consistent, free from back focus or front focus errors, because it's
    not mass produced. It also tends to come with built-in sensor dust
    because of the way it's assembled, but that is quite easily removed.

    Sadly it's also seriously overpriced as a result.

    David Kilpatrick, Dec 18, 2006
  7. BobFlint

    Jon B Guest

    There never (or very rarely) is a firewire cable in the box, especially
    not on the budget $400 camcorders, and normally the manufacturers own
    cable cost's a small fortune. But of course any old 6-4pin wire is a few
    $/£ from the local computer store.
    Jon B, Dec 18, 2006
  8. BobFlint

    RichA Guest

    Do you know why you might find dust inside? Because some of the
    factories the Third World countries literally have no air conditioning
    so they operate in a windows open
    situation with the attendent dust and bugs coming right into the
    production floors.
    Where was the lens made, Thailand or China?
    RichA, Dec 18, 2006
  9. BobFlint

    BobFlint Guest

    My older Canon DV had a firewire cable included... it doesn't fit the Sony...
    BobFlint, Dec 19, 2006
  10. BobFlint

    BobFlint Guest

    Like I said, I don't worry about seeing the dust on the picture - I won't... but
    it's just the principal of the thing... and these aren't just dust specs... they
    are BIG! But what else could they have botched?
    BobFlint, Dec 19, 2006
  11. BobFlint

    Tom Ross Guest

    Silly me, I thought it was a rebagged Minolta lens.

    You seem to be implying the Sony 18-200mm is manufactured in an Third
    World sweatshop that does not have air-conditioning and demonstrates a
    complete lack of quality control? Do you know this for a fact? Or are
    you, once again, just making it up.

    Tom Ross, Dec 19, 2006
  12. 18-200mm - Japan, in a very modern and bug-free environment by Tamron.

    David Kilpatrick, Dec 19, 2006
  13. BobFlint

    Tony Polson Guest

    That's interesting, David.

    Does Sony officially admit that the lens is made by Tamron? I ask
    because Nikon has a policy of denying that third party manufacturers
    make any Nikkors, when in fact they do make quite a few.

    Tony Polson, Dec 19, 2006
  14. BobFlint

    Jon B Guest

    Presume the Canon had a non standard connector then? Which is when they
    then usually include a cable. The Sony should use the firewire spec for
    a 4 port connection.
    Jon B, Dec 19, 2006
  15. BobFlint

    Robert Brace Guest

    URL for definitive reference please.
    Or are you just being your usual self?
    Robert Brace, Dec 19, 2006
  16. It's widely known and I don't think they would deny it, but both Tamron
    and Sony staff can't be drawn on it. With the 11-18mm, I saw the
    prototype at photokina 2004, and asked the Tamron people whether they
    would be making it for Konica Minolta. I got embarrassment and flustered
    nonp-replies and lot of conferring in Japanese before they said 'you had
    better ask Konica Minolta if they will be having a similar lens, we can
    not tell you'.

    Konica Minolta eventually acknoweldged the Tamron origins of various
    lenses and gave full details of the changes made to them for KM use,
    which are carried through into Sony models. They include different zoom
    sleeve mechanisms with a changed resistance, different focus direction
    in some lenses, absence of zoom lock, different lens coatings (which
    give the KM/Sony lenses a slightly different contrast and colour
    transmission), different internal chip, and some changes in inner
    baffles to control flare.

    David Kilpatrick, Dec 19, 2006
  17. BobFlint

    Helen Guest

    Haha. Right. What a fine example of all this the new one is, recalled
    before it's even released. Hand built reliably consistent design errors.
    Helen, Dec 19, 2006
  18. BobFlint

    RichA Guest

    Just speculating. There was a scandal last year when a medical supply
    firm was using
    some kind of sealable bags and the tape on it had bugs in it. It had
    been made overseas
    in one of those countries. This isn't the first time. There has
    always been speculation about QC issues when Japan sends things
    elsewhere for production.
    RichA, Dec 20, 2006

  19. I don't think the aspects causing the recall are hand built, unless you
    can hand build chips. The delay is no longer than Nikon's decision not
    to launch the D200. That was recalled for three months, they even sent
    the entire European press including me to Morocco to test it and then
    withdrew it at the last minute. They found a problem and halted the launch.

    Or Pentax. In October I was invited for a three-day cruise on the QE2
    for the K10D launch. I went, and we were not permitted to use any K10Ds.
    Why? They hadn't been able to fix the problems with sensor noise or
    moire, and would not allow the cameras to be used. They delayed the
    launch a further month while fixing unexpected problems.

    However, neither of these companies ever set a launch date - I just know
    because I was invited to the press launches. Sigma did, and quite
    honourably and openly issued a statement deferring the launch.

    And you worse of Sigma for that? They are one of the most traditional,
    honourable, innovative and valuable companies in the whole gang of
    Japanese manufacturers and all they get for it is snide invective from
    ignorant punters.

    David Kilpatrick, Dec 20, 2006
  20. BobFlint

    Tony Polson Guest

    I really wish Leica had done the same with the M8. :-(

    Seriously, though, kudos to Sigma, Nikon and Pentax for delaying
    product launches until problems were solved.
    Tony Polson, Dec 20, 2006
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