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Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by James McNangle, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I have been doing some fine trimming on web page designs, and wanted to know the
    exact dimensions of various parts of the page. I used Printscreen to capture
    the page, and then opened it as a new file in Photoshop. I found that if I set
    the resolution to 10 pixels per centimetre, and wound up the magnification to
    about 500% I could easily read off the precise location in pixels of any point
    on the page.

    Unfortunately when I open a new page in Photoshop the resolution is always set
    to 72 pixels per inch, and I have to reset it to my desired value every time. I
    did some fossicking, and eventually found 'New Document Preset Resolutions'
    under Edit > Preferences > Units and Rulers. I set 'Print resolution' to 50
    pixels per centimetre and 'Screen resolution' to 10. I thought this would do
    the trick, but when I open a new file it still comes up with Resolution 72
    pixels per inch.

    Is there a way of setting this resolution?

    James McNangle
    James McNangle, Jul 8, 2006
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  2. James McNangle

    2 Guest

    I think you are making the task more difficult than necessary. Go here and
    try the desktop ruler.
    2, Jul 8, 2006
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  3. James McNangle

    KatWoman Guest

    FWIW "file new" always comes up in the dimensions and size of the image on
    the clipboard

    and I am not sure what you are trying to do the measuring for, but any
    screen set to a different resolution will give you different dimensions in
    actual screen inches.
    for example the same image and text will look smaller on the screen at
    1280x768 than at 800x600
    KatWoman, Jul 8, 2006
  4. Yes, I realise that, but the 'Resolution' is an almost meaningless value. Its
    only significance is in controlling the size of the image if you print it. So
    far as the image on the screen is concerned it has no meaning whatsoever, so it
    is logical that you should be able to set it to whatever you like. (And in any
    case I almost always have to reset it to fit the paper when I do print
    Certainly the physical size of the image on the screen is determined by the
    number of pixels in it, the dimensions in pixels of the screen, and the
    dimensions of the screen. The nominal resolution has no effect on the image on
    the screen. I just loaded an image with resolution set to 10 pixels per
    centimetre, changed it first to one pixel per centimetre, and then to 1000. The
    rulers changed madly, but the image did not change at all.

    I have been having trouble with web pages which did not quite line up as they
    should, and have been trying to determine how many pixels padding/borders I was
    actually getting around my images, as against what I thought I should to be
    getting, and similar puzzles. By calibrating my rulers in centimetres and
    setting the resolution to 10 pixels per centimetre, and suitably magnifying the
    picture, I can immediately read out the exact coordinates in pixels of any point
    on the page.

    And I still don't know what 'New Document Preset Resolutions' refers to, as all
    new documents come up at 72 pixels per inch regardless of what I set these
    values to.

    James McNangle
    James McNangle, Jul 9, 2006
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