Defective Kodak Dx3600's

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Tom, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Has anyone who owns or has owned a Kodak DX3600 (easyshare) experienced a
    total failure of the camera shortly after the warranty is out? I have come
    across too many cases of people who's DX3600's had the same failure and
    apparently they fail at just about the same time after purchase. I truely
    believe Kodak is hiding an engineering flaw they were well aware of and
    continued to seel the camera without fixing it. At least they sold them
    until the stock ran out, then they "upgraded" to the next model #. The
    DX3700 also was bugged with the similar flaw. If there is a lawyer in the
    crowd I would like to see a class action lawsuit filed against Kodak on
    behalf of all of the owners of that particular camera giving them the option
    of having it fixed for free---if they own the camera or refunded $150 the
    amount they charged to "fix' their own mistakes. I would not want to see any
    "trade in" deal like they try to pull with the DX3600 when people failed to
    jump at their $150 on up fees to fix the camera.

    After buying a dozen of the broken cameras we have pretty well narrowed the
    problem down to a defect in the recharging of the onboard "watch" batteries
    that powers the cameras bios chip. We have discovered this after applying
    voltage to that area of the board and thus far every camera we have done
    that to comes alive. We also believe part of the problem is in a defective
    auto on/off switch and possibly a heat sensor that shuts the camera down if
    it senses too much heat or the camera is on longer than five minutes...Kodak
    we are positive knows all the answers and they need to come clean on this
    one because their credibility as an honest company is pretty well flushed
    down the toilet with me.
    Tom, Nov 18, 2005
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  2. Tom

    BruceM Guest

    mmm, veery interesting Tom. (agrees)
    I have one with maybe a dif problem?
    It works good on movies & pretty good indoors or in dull places but in
    brighter areas it is overexposed. I think the auto adjuster doesn't activate
    when the button is pressed prior to clicking.
    It is running version 1.3 firmware & it won't upgrade to 1.4. Starts & then
    exits immediately?
    I wonder if someone can provide me with a link to 1.3 so I can "overflash"
    BruceM, Nov 22, 2005
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  3. Tom

    BruceM Guest

    Well I took out the screws that hold the base on & blew out three sandhills
    & a birdsnest & after reassebling it , it works perfectly.
    Don't know what it was but ................
    BruceM, Nov 29, 2005
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