Definitely Faulty S2IS - (Followup to Faulty Camera or Photographer)

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Graham Fountain, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. A few days ago I posted some examples of my S2IS with blown highlights.
    There was plenty of conjecture that the blown highlights were due to
    extreme contrast in the scene. Admittedly it was a high contrast scene,
    but I still suspected the camera was misbehaving. Today I managed to get
    access to another S2IS. After double checking all settings were the
    same, I took a shot toward the horizon with both. Mine gave it's
    signature white sky with fully blown highlights, and the other camera
    gave a beautiful blue sky with not a flashing white spot anywhere to be
    seen. Interestingly though, the brightness of the land area was not much
    different. By the time I adjusted the exposure of mine mine down enough
    to get the sky blue, the land was very much darker than on the other
    camera. Pointing them both at various things resulted in mine
    consistently making the highlights much brighter, but the shadows at
    about the same.
    So although the two cameras are supposedly identical, mine seems to be
    applying some sort of weird gamma adjustment to the highlights. It'll be
    going for a trip to Canon pretty soon.
    Graham Fountain, Sep 21, 2006
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  2. I didn't comment on that thread, but yes, it looked about what I would
    expect, having heard the Canon was no great shakes with dynamic range
    (dpreview noted problems in contrasty scenes). I seem to recall you
    said you were using centre averaged metering? On the scenes I saw,
    that type of metering would not have been a good choice.

    Also, did you check the *contrast* and exposure comp settings on your
    camera? I may have missed your reply to that question..

    I'd like to see the images and their full exif data. It's certainly
    possible that it is a camera fault, but it's pretty weird.
    mark.thomas.7, Sep 21, 2006
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  3. One set (the carriage) was centre weighted. The steam loco that I posted
    was pattern. I do have another practically identical which was done on
    centre weight. My Pentax uses centre weight. The landscape shot was
    pattern. I've had a bit of a fiddle with it though, and can't see any
    difference whatsoever between what it does for Centre Weight, Pattern
    and Spot. Today using this other camera, I could clearly see the
    difference between Spot and the other types. The difference between
    centre weight and pattern was less pronounced.
    Yes I checked those settings. Contrast was set to standard. Setting it
    to -1 made marginal difference (lifted the shadows but little else).
    Unfortunately I didn't get to keep the shots that I took with the other
    camera, but the difference was astounding - this after double/triple
    checking every setting. Even using Full Auto, where you can't override
    anything (not even exposure), the difference was plainly obvious. We
    just pointed it with the centre on the horizon on a hill overlooking the
    city, mine gave a bright white sky every time, the other camera gave a
    blue sky every time. It's almost as if the sensor is becoming non-linear
    once it starts to near maximum brightness.
    Yes, it is an odd fault - in some ways it seems characteristic of a
    faulty sensor, in other ways it seems characteristic of a crook
    firmware. Now that's something I didn't check on this other camera -
    firmware version. Mine does have some hot pixels, so the sensor
    definitely does have a problem, although presumably that issue is not
    Graham Fountain, Sep 21, 2006
  4. Very weird. I guess it must be faulty calibration electronics (A-D
    converter?), but I've never heard of cameras of the same model having
    vastly different dynamic range response..

    Chalk that one up as something new! Bet your pleased it happened to
    you.. )o:
    mark.thomas.7, Sep 21, 2006
  5. Graham Fountain

    Noons Guest

    One thought: was the other camera a younger model? As in: bought
    I'm thinking here different versions of the firmware that does the raw
    capture and interpretation off the sensor.
    Had a similar problem with some colours in my Coolpix 950 a long
    time ago. Downloaded the latest firmware off their site, loaded it
    and bingo: problem gone.
    It might just be what your camera is in need of.
    Ask Canon?
    Noons, Sep 21, 2006
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