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Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Joe, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a documentscanner to archive many documents. Some of these are regular
    lettersize, others are thin paper @ 1/3rd letter size, abt 10.000 are indexcard sized
    cardstock(thick paper), color handwritten and printed pictures which all have just a bit
    different size - no two are the same. Many documents have information on both sides
    sometimes with stickers pasted on them.

    All this makes for a wide range of documents to process with challenges to get the quality
    somewhat right. I started archiving using my trusty old HP 5370 with Vuescan which works
    well as long as I am careful in how I put the pages but it is way to slow in getting
    everything scanned and filed during my lifetime without giving up living a life. So now
    that documentscanners have reached a reasonable pricepoint I am considering purchasing one
    and archiving more so the original documents can be boxed and stored away from
    prime-space. After searching various sites and reviews I had decided to check into the
    Kodak I-1220 duplex scanner over the Canon DR-2580 and the Fujitsu FI-5120 because of the
    praised feeder, image quality and ability to scan plastic cards.

    I tested one (on the cardstock, different sizes) but found that the ADF did not pull all
    documents straight through. The deskew option could straighten this up though, however it
    cut off parts of the top/bottom images - or maybe those parts were never scanned. I am
    not quite sure why and the store did not have a good explanation. I assume this is
    because the scanner only scans when the paperrollers detect paper. Because the
    paperrollers are "somewhat" in the middle of the scanner when paper is skewed a corner of
    the paper would already be past the roller and at the end the final corner would not be
    scanned yet (hopefully you understand what I mean here). The result is that sometimes the
    corners of documents are not in the scanned image. These corners do however hold part of
    the information needed. I was truly disappointed by what I saw or maybe my expectations
    were too high and this is the state of current technology...

    Now my questions:
    Is this phenomenon a driver issue which can be corrected - if so how? - or is this a
    hardware issue which cannot be corrected?
    Do all ADF document scanners in this pricerange have this problem or are the Canon or
    Fujitsu better in this regard?
    Are there any other scanners which don't have this problem - they need to be able to scan
    thick postcards?
    Do (affordable) flatbed scanners exist with a duplex option (without ADF) with enough
    scanning speed?
    Is there some forum besides the newsgroup where these questions would be more appropriate?

    Thanks in advance for reading this, sharing your thoughts and answering my questions!

    Joe, Feb 16, 2008
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  2. Joe

    Joe Guest


    thanks for the constructive suggestions. I will take all these into account however, I am
    not (yet) convinced that a documentscanner with duplex cannot to job I like to do -
    especially with for some of the tasks OCR recognision on keywords. Yes you are correct on
    the quality, however the Kodak's for example are apparently being used by photostores to
    scan shoeboxes of old photographs. I would assume they would not do so if the quality
    were bad.

    Yes, a consistent workflow and a consistent operator: me :)) - not the most consistent
    person in the world are absolutely required.

    But the biggest issue for me as of now is the "de-skew" on a documentscanner.... Still
    looking for people wanting to share their experiences... did not help me on
    Joe, Feb 19, 2008
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