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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by michaelrmgreen, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. I want to make a 'darkroom' box to process X-rays. I have made a design
    but want advice on construction material for the areas in contact with
    developer and fixer. Any advice? TIA
    michaelrmgreen, Nov 18, 2006
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  2. What size X-rays, and how many at a time?
    I used to do loads of that slightly smaller than 10"x8" size *. Dish
    developed them, 6 at a time. Then, when the numbers increased, I had a
    Perspex rack made up to take 20 and fit into 3 gallon tanks. It's
    probably still knocking around somewhere if it's any good to you.

    * Bloody 'orrible job - glad I don't have to do that any more.
    Willy Eckerslyke, Nov 20, 2006
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