Did Canon just make my future 35mm SLR lenses obsolete?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Steven C \(Doktersteve\), Sep 8, 2003.

  1. I am reading the review of the pre-production digital rebel (300D) on DP

    I am also purchasing an Elan 7e in November.

    I wonder though, if the new lens mount (the EF-S mount) will make lenses I
    get for the Elan 7e (and I am only purchasing Canon glass, USM lenses in
    particular) obsolete for future camera models after the Digital Rebel.

    Alternatively, if I wish to purchase new lenses years from now for an
    existing canon EF mount 35mm camera, will the lenses that canon is putting
    to mass market be compatible with the (now) old EF mounts? or will they
    lenses that are marketed most be EF-S mounts.

    I am not "worried" by any stretch, but this just occurred to me as I am
    saving up another paycheque or two so I can get a nice Elan 7E kit (with an
    ef mount 28-105 USM lens to boot).

    Thanks for reading.
    Steven C \(Doktersteve\), Sep 8, 2003
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  2. Steven C \(Doktersteve\)

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    The digital Rebel will take all the Canon glass (and most of the 3rd party
    lenses) that your Elan 7 will take. It will also take the one lens Canon
    designed for the digital Rebel which is not mountable on any other Canon EOS
    Camera (to date at least). This is to get around the problem of wide angle
    lenses when the camera has a smaller than 24x36 sensor.
    This lens (which is a consumer zoom) will only fit the digital Rebel -
    unless Canon produces more models in that mount. So every lens you buy for
    the Elan would fit any Canon digital SLR made, but the one lens produced
    specifically for the digital Rebel will only fit that model - at least for

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    Tony Spadaro, Sep 8, 2003
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  3. Steven C \(Doktersteve\)

    JK Guest

    The EF_S mount is an interesting strategy. My guess is that Canon
    might come out with new very low priced digital slrs in the future
    that only take EF-S lenses, perhaps with the rational that those
    who already own EF lenses can afford to pay a higher price for
    a camera body. If they do that, it would be an interesting strategy.
    Perhaps a digital slr that only takes EF-S lenses could also be made
    JK, Sep 9, 2003
  4. Steven C \(Doktersteve\)

    Mark B. Guest

    I dislike "special" mounts as much as the next guy, but Canon is doing this
    the best way possible. For one, you can't buy the lens alone. This will
    keep people from buying it and trying to fit it onto a 10D. For another,
    the Digital Rebel is still compatible with all EF lenses. Yes, it's
    entirely possible the Digital Rebel is destined to stay with a 1.6x crop
    sensor to maintain an affordable dSLR in the lineup, with the addition of
    more EF-S lenses to give those users affordable lens choices as well. But
    as long as it's always compatible with standard EF mounts, the positives far
    outweigh any negatives. Hopefully, the 10D will graduate to a 1.3x sensor,
    and someday a full-frame mount. I don't see any reason for anything other
    than the D-Rebel to use the new mount.

    Mark B., Sep 10, 2003
  5. Steven C \(Doktersteve\)

    Leonard Guest

    I'm not sure how an EF-S-only body could be either smaller or
    cheaper. I suppose Canon may have deliberately designed the
    mount so that they can cripple a future body to only take EF-S -
    that would be pretty bad form and I don't think it would be to
    Canon's advantage to do so.

    My guess is that Canon are sitting on the fence. There won't
    be any more EF-S lenses until they're selling as many 300Ds
    as they are 300Vs, and until they're sure that the sensor
    size for 1.6x is what is going to be fitted to the entry-level
    dSLR for the medium term. If they were serious about EF-S now,
    the new 55-200 lens would not be full frame. At the moment,
    EF-S is purely a way of getting a cheap kit lens with 28-90
    equivalence onto the 300D.

    The OP was thinking about the 28-105 USM. I think it's unlikely
    that he'll be unable to use it on a future dSLR, but quite
    possible that an effective 45-168 USM is not what he'll be
    wanting to use on it.

    - Len
    Leonard, Sep 10, 2003
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