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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Howard9, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Howard9

    Howard9 Guest

    Hi guys,

    I'm a web designer looking to buy a digicamera
    for family and work. I know I'm asking a lot of
    Q's but I really need some guidance on this and
    would hugely appreciate any help you guys can
    offer :)

    I'm looking at around ST250 - ST300 for a budget.
    The choice is mind numbing.

    I'm looking for a decent pixel number, I suppose
    around 2.8Mb - 3Mb seems to be necessary for
    decent photos

    I don't know why digital zoom would be important
    to me - I take it this is to do with the mini
    screen on the camera. I would not care about
    that, because I would be downloading to my PC and
    zooming from there. Am I correct in this
    thinking ?

    Optical zoom seem to be the equivalent of the old
    camera zoom lens (?) and the most I see around
    this price is 3x zoom. Any idea what this would
    equate to in the old camera language ?

    I see a SONY DSCP72 in Dixons for ST220 which
    looks like a good buy for me . . am I right ?

    [email protected]@@@
    Howard9, Jul 4, 2003
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  2. Not really...
    Yes, 3MP is a minimum. If you think you may be cropping images to select
    the bit you want (a process that poorly aligned optical viewfinders
    encourage) then you may need more than that.
    Yes - digital zoom is a waste of time.
    The zoom ratio is the same. Mostly digicams are displayed with 35mm
    equivalent lens values: i.e. a Minolta DiMAGE 7i will say 28-200mm
    rather than the actual 7.2-50.8mm focal length.
    You need to consider the cost of storage and accessories, too. Sony
    cameras use their Memory Stick technology and this can be more expensive
    than the Compact Flash and SD or MMC card alternatives. And proprietary
    batteries are the other problem.

    I have a Canon Powershot S40 which is very good: 35-105mm (eqiuv) lens,
    4MP. Its for sale...

    Sophie Wilson, Jul 4, 2003
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  3. I can narrow it down in a few words, if you like.
    3 Megapixels would be an absolute minimum.
    .... then you have already learned a valuable lesson.
    Buy not from Dixons... idiots, they be. Oh, and despite the MemoryStick
    gubbins, the Sony P12 isn't a bad bit o' kit. It retails at around £420, and
    is essentially the P10 with a different finish, a case and a free battery;
    in my book, considering the cost/non-availability of dedicated cases and the
    importance of spare batteries, the extra £40 for the P12 is worth it.
    The Pentax Optio S is a fun little camera for £350 (and I mean little)
    but limited in control. The Olympus Mju 300 can be found for £300-350 and
    feels good- and the Canon A70 has a rather nice P/A/S/M dial to remind
    photographers that digicam makers haven't forgotten them. If you can save
    up, though, top recommendation goes to the Olympus C5050... 3x Optical zoom
    (equiv. 35-105 I believe, with an aperture of f1.8 at the wide end) %
    million pixel sensor, hotshoe for Olympus or Metz+SCA (might be wrong about
    this; I know you can get the Metz SCA for the E20) flash, manual control,
    three (count 'em) media slots, and has image quality that at least one
    review (AP) rated better than the Minolta, Nikon or Canon offerings.

    There are a helluva lot of cameras out there; most of them are so MOR you
    wouldn't believe. Find one you like, find a good price, THEN search Usenet.
    Martin Francis, Jul 4, 2003
  4. Howard9

    Pat Chaney Guest

    Don't forget to allow an extra half an hour to argue with the sales person
    about the need for a 75 year extended warranty.

    Pat Chaney, Jul 4, 2003
  5. Howard9

    Pat Chaney Guest

    Some of them only understand a knee in the groin.

    Pat Chaney, Jul 5, 2003
  6. Howard9

    Howard9 Guest

    Well it seems lie that :) and the lists and
    lists of functions is also numbing :) I don't
    want the movie and sound capabilities they often
    Thanks for the confirmation :)
    Hmmmm.... good advice...
    Howard9, Jul 5, 2003
  7. Howard9

    Howard9 Guest

    Thank you for taking the time to advise me.

    Much of the advice you offer results
    unfortunately in cameras more than my budget of
    ST250 - ST300.

    However your comments are very helpful and I will
    use them to continue my search.

    I wish 3x wasn't the max optical zoom of almost
    all cameras out there and each camera I find that
    I like didn't have features like video and sound
    that do not want :)

    Tks again Martin
    Howard9, Jul 5, 2003
  8. Howard9

    Howard9 Guest

    Ha :) yes I had a major shouting match about 2
    years ago with them across the shop over them
    screwing me around about a set of PC speakers.
    Howard9, Jul 5, 2003
  9. Someone I served today was looking at a Sony P72 (IIRC) in Dixons, and the
    moose behind the counter told her effectively to go somewhere else.

    So she wisely came to me.

    And wisely bought a P10.

    Martin Francis, Jul 5, 2003
  10. Howard9

    African Bios Guest

    Why not try a minolta s414 ( link to amazon uk

    Decent reviews at Steve digicams
    African Bios, Jul 5, 2003
  11. Howard9

    Howard9 Guest

    I don't know if you have one but when I started
    to read the reviews I was getting excited over
    the features... but then I started to read the
    reviews-zdnet.com. review. This review really
    slates the camera over the autofocus and TIFF
    saving times.

    This is what makes choosing a camera so bloody
    difficult :) and so many camera reviews I read
    have these autofocus problems. Is this a major
    weakness of digital cameras or am I reading the
    wrong reviews ? :)
    Howard9, Jul 5, 2003
  12. Howard9

    African Bios Guest

    I am delighted you have narrowed down the field, my final word of advice is
    try out the camera(s) before you take it home.
    Have fun
    African Bios, Jul 5, 2003
  13. Howard9

    Pat Chaney Guest

    It depends what you're comparing them to. The sites with user 'reviews' are
    generally about as objective as the tabloid press writing about asylum
    seekers, and often written to defend what the 'reviewer' has bought.

    Pat Chaney, Jul 5, 2003
  14. Howard9

    T P Guest

    Don't assume that all of them understand *that*!
    T P, Jul 6, 2003
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