Digital Camera Docking Station

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Greg Kamer, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Greg Kamer

    Greg Kamer Guest

    Hi All,
    My wife told me she saw a camera on TV. She could not remember
    the brand, but said it came with a docking station that allows you to print
    images from the camera without the use of a computer. I don't recall seeing
    this commercial. I've tried searching Yahoo using image station digital
    camera, but come up empty.

    I've seen a lot of cameras that come with a docking station that you set the
    camera into and it automatically upploads the images to your computer, but
    the one she is interested in, your suuposed to be able to print right from
    the docking station.

    Any ideas here?

    Greg Kamer, Nov 25, 2003
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  2. Greg Kamer

    Chris Quinn Guest

    Many new printers, especially Epson & HP, particularly the small format
    photo printers, have memory card slots that allow you to plug your camera's
    card in and print directly - theoretically you could use most cameras with
    these without a docking station, but other than simple cropping etc, you
    cannot adjust the image before printing
    Chris Quinn, Nov 25, 2003
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  3. Greg Kamer

    stan Guest

    Printing without doing some editing of photos usually
    results in less than optimal images.

    Be that as it may, there are numerous inkjet printers on
    the market these days that let you pop in a memory card and
    print the photos on the card.
    stan, Nov 25, 2003
  4. Greg Kamer

    Greg Kamer Guest

    Hi Gang,
    Thanks for all your helpful information and links.... So far
    looks like the wife is going to have a shiny new digital camera and printer
    dock for Christmas this year...... :)

    Shhhhh. Let's keep it under wraps ok???
    Greg Kamer, Nov 26, 2003
  5. Greg Kamer

    Mark Herring Guest

    Present for your wife, huh?? Are you also buying her a power drill?

    Seriously, we're all here to help---even if we do have a few elves
    running around with an early start on the Christmas cheer.

    Merry Christmas
    Mark Herring, Pasadena, Calif.
    Private e-mail: Just say no to "No".
    Mark Herring, Nov 26, 2003
  6. Greg Kamer

    Greg Kamer Guest

    Thanks. And yes, it really is a gift for her...... :)

    I figure she never asks for anyting all year long, so when she does ask, how
    can I say no?

    We have no kids, so during the year, when I want a toy, I just go buy it. Of
    course by year's end, she has a heck of a time shopping for me, because I
    already have all my toys..... :)
    Greg Kamer, Nov 27, 2003
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