Digital camera for technophobe mother?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Paul Hutchings, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. Just had a call from my mum and her 35mm camera's packed up (yet to look at
    it but apparently the chap at Jessops confirmed it's knackered).

    As I see it, it probably makes sense to go digital, I'm sure there are many
    arguments for 35mm, but it seems costs are falling, quality is on the up,
    there's the obvious "no film or processing" argument, she doesn't have to
    fill a film before she can get the phots she wants (college work) and I
    think the quality on even the cheapest cameras should be suitable for the
    normal 6"x4" or 7"x5" prints that my mum gets?

    The broken camera is a Konica 30-90mm (I think) zoom, she uses it pretty
    much as a point and shoot, nothing that I'd call "creative".

    I'm after thoughts on what to look at, criteria are easy to use, reasonable
    zoom good quality build and lens - not after the cheapest but don't want to
    pay for things that won't be used.

    Also, does anyone know roughly how much those booths in Boots and Jessops
    charge to print your pictures from a flash card?


    Paul Hutchings, Sep 6, 2004
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  2. Paul Hutchings

    bob Guest

    The Canon Elph line is pretty easy to use, and even the original s100 took
    reasonable pictures. (No that you would confuse them for a high end SLR or
    anything, but it doesn't sound like that's your requirement.

    bob, Sep 6, 2004
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