Digital Cameras with a Viewfinder

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by David Springthorpe, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Haven't visited for a while.

    Are there any recommended smaller (i.e. non SLR) digital cameras with a separate
    viewfinder ?

    David Springthorpe, Jul 18, 2008
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  2. David Springthorpe

    Jeff R. Guest

    Ooo ooh - me first!

    I *love* my Canon G9, though I admit I almost never use its optical
    My Pentax Optio S50 likewise sports a viewfinder, and I do tend to use it,
    since the LCD is postage-stamp sized.

    Read the dpreview article on the G9. Expensive camera, but...
    Jeff R., Jul 18, 2008
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  3. David Springthorpe

    Doug Jewell Guest

    Very few cameras these days have the traditional optical
    peephole viewfinder, like what was found in most film P&S
    cameras and early digitals. Canon & Sony are about the only
    ones left who put peephole viewfinders in (some) P&S models.
    But even then, they are very small, almost to the point of
    not being usable. My wife's Canon Ixus 75 for example is
    good enough to ensure you are pointing in the general
    direction, but hopeless for accurate framing.

    Most (all?) of the cameras with 10+ times Zoom have an
    electronic eye-level viewfinder, of varying quality. Some
    (eg canon) are extremely low resolution and pretty close to
    useless, while others (eg Kodak) are very high resolution,
    and while still short of a true optical finder, are good
    enough in most cases.

    Most of the modern cameras now come with high brightness
    screens that will still allow visibility even in bright
    sunlight. This was probably the biggest drawback of trying
    to use the screen for framing in earlier cameras. Also
    battery life, and camera efficiency have improved, so using
    the viewscreen no longer sucks your batteries dry like they
    used to.

    With this in mind, traditional viewfinders are IMO not as
    essential anymore. When I was using my old Kodak DC3400, I
    used to use the viewfinder all the time - hardly using the
    screen - because it suffered terribly from both battery
    drain and poor visibility. Since I upgraded to a Canon S2
    and my wife got the Ixus, I hardly ever use the viewfinder -
    the viewscreens are good enough, and certainly better than
    the EVF in the S2 or the peephole in the Ixus. Of course I
    still much prefer the viewfinder in my SLRs over
    viewscreens, EVFs and peephole viewfinders.
    Doug Jewell, Jul 18, 2008
  4. I ask because I have an old (as in a few years old!) model Olympus mju 720SW and
    the screen is hopeless in sunlight.....does anyone know if the newer models
    (e.g. 1020) are any better?
    David Springthorpe, Jul 18, 2008
  5. David Springthorpe

    Doug Jewell Guest

    yeah the older mju's had disgusting screens. As of the model
    prior to the current one (795) they were still disgusting. I
    haven't seen the 1020 yet to see if it has improved.
    Doug Jewell, Jul 18, 2008
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