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Discussion in 'Digital Point & Shoot Camera' started by Shadowdancer, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Shadowdancer

    Shadowdancer Guest

    Hi --
    First post to this group. I've been working with digital photography
    for about two years now, and I am enjoying it tremendously. Right now
    we are using a Fuji 6 megapixel camera. My question is this: My wife and
    I are taking a cruise through the Carribean, and we are travelling on a
    sailing ship; not one of the huge floating casinos that you see on TV.
    I am worried about moisture and my camera, especially out on deck.
    While we're on land, I don't see that much of a problem, and I can keep
    the camera in a plastic baggy while it's not in use, but on the ship
    itself, I have some idea of what salt water can do to the interior of
    the camera. Has anyone else here dealt with this problem? I looked on
    the Fuji website, but there is nothing relevant there.
    Shadowdancer, Apr 5, 2005
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  2. Shadowdancer

    John Tucker Guest

    Depending on the camera model, you can often find a watertight case which
    helps in this type of environment. Do a Google search to see what comes up.
    John Tucker, Apr 5, 2005
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  3. Shadowdancer

    Jerry Dolan Guest

    I have used my Fuji camera on a 30 day cruise around South America,
    including the nasty weather of Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego.
    If one uses reasonable precautions, (don 't permit large volumes of water to
    splash on the camera) there should not be a problem.
    I shot over 400 pictures and most were in inclement weather. Any time I was
    not shooting pictures I had the camera in my carry case.
    If an occasional spray hits the camera, wipe it off immediately, just to
    eliminate the salt. The Fuji camera is mostly plastic so no
    real harm is done.
    My first digital camera was a Fuji 2600Z, now have a Fuji E550.
    Enjoy your sailing.
    Jerry Dolan, Apr 6, 2005
  4. The best method would be a custom fit waterproof case for your camera.
    If you rather not spend the several hundred dollars that these cost,
    you may consider a waterproof bag.

    On my Hawaii vacation, I used one of these Aqupacs on our wetter

    It did a superb job of keeping the camera dry. I also took some
    under-water photos, but the bag did not do so well there. It was
    difficult for me to see through the view finder or to see the small
    screen underwater. The camera also had a difficult time focusing
    through the bag. It did reasonably well out of water in the bag. I
    would get an occasional drop on the bag distort the image, but it was
    better than ruining the camera.

    After this experience, I would either opt for the expensive underwater
    case or use a disposable underwater camera. But, for your needs of
    keeping the camera dry while not being used, the bag may be a perfect
    inexpensive solution.


    Got digital photos? Show them off!
    Charles Kerekes, Apr 17, 2005
  5. Shadowdancer

    Mark Guest do you like the Fuji E550....I'm looking at getting this camara
    for my first Digital?
    Mark, Apr 17, 2005
  6. Shadowdancer

    zeno Guest

    I have a Fuji 2600Z also....I have found that most of the pics from it
    tend to have a blue cast to them when viewed in Photoshop...I have
    Photoshop set to sRGB which is the same color space that the 2600Z
    uses.....(The blue cast is a easy fix in Photshop), but was wondering
    if you noticed the same thing in your Fuji 2600Z.
    zeno, May 10, 2005
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