Digital purchase dilemma, to buy or not to buy.

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Jasen, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Jasen

    Jasen Guest

    I am itching to get a digital SLR!! scratched almost down to the bone!
    As I am looking to sooner (rather than later) go semi-professional and do
    wedding/event and nature/wildlife photography, I am not 100% sure I need
    more than 6.1 megapixels. I currently have a Minolta Dynax system of lenses
    and a film body so I have to stick with this brand otherwise the transition
    is going to be very expensive. I am very happy with the film system as it
    is anyway. Ok, the dilemma is that I am not sure I need more megapixel
    power and if I do then is Konica-Minolta going to bring out a camera with
    more than 6.1 MPixels? Second to that, they're offering $300 off any Dynax
    7D sold before the end of December.
    I am pulling my hair out waiting but can't afford to buy now then have them
    bring out a 8 or 12 Mpixel camera out that isn't much more expensive than
    the 7D is now, without the offer. If I do well enough I guess I can buy
    one later with higher resolution, but that'd waste 2 Grand and the Missus
    wouldn't be happy either.....the worse of the two, I think you'd all know.
    My issue is not having enough resolution to print big enough using the
    original 6.1MP image, say much past 8"x10" @ 300dpi, as any stock
    photography needs at least this resolution that I know of.
    I have PhotoShop and have looked at some interpolation resizing plug-in
    software and it seems to do a fairly good job, but is that good enough for
    an editor of a magazine or a picky customer who wants a poster image of
    their wedding day??

    The question is, do I wait and forget the $300 casback or do I buy as it is
    good enough for now??
    It'd be nice to know if KM are bring out a better high res camera soon.
    Jasen, Sep 3, 2005
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  2. Jasen Guest

    Is 6mp enough for a poster print? Heck yes! PS interpolation works very
    well, as does Genuine Fractals, VFZoom & S-Spline 2 etc. I have plenty of
    20x30 inch prints on my wall from my old 6mp 10D and even when you are real
    close they still look great.

    Are higher MP cameras better for large prints? Yes... the fine detail
    rendered is better, but most customers will not know when viewing normal
    print sizes. (But it is still bloody nice to have)

    Is 6mp enough for a magazine.... well it depends on the mag and what they
    will accept. Plenty of sports mags have double page spreads from 4mp
    EOS1Dies, but you may not find many in Vogue.

    Will KM release a higher mp camera? Of course they will! Will you be
    ticked off? Absolutely! But the bottom line is that you can't shoot today,
    with a camera that you will buy tomorrow.

    So if you want more mp (and personally I would go for more) then you should
    consider other brands. I know that you have existing lenses, but it is
    still the cheapest time for you to make the switch, as later you will also
    be leaving a digital body behind and not just lenses.

    If you do decide to make the switch, consider more than just the mp count.
    eg: If you are gunna shoot weddings and wildlife, then high ISO performance
    with low noise will be important, as churches are often dark and wildlife
    tends to hide in the middle of the day.

    Just my 2c worth...... :)
, Sep 3, 2005
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  3. You & everyone else :)
    Why? If 6.1mp does the job you want, who cares what's next?

    I notice you're using a computer to type your message. Is it yours?
    Have you pulled your hair out when a faster/bigger computer came out
    shortly after your purchase for about the same money?

    What do you use your computer for? Is your piddly sub-standard
    quickly-superceded computer up to the task? Are you happy with it?
    Does it do the job you need?

    What do you want to do with your photos. you say "wedding/event and
    nature/wildlife" and that's nice, but what exactly? Panoramas? Posters?
    Magazines? what?!? Let the commercial need direct your 'need' for

    Of course, at the moment you have no commercial need - it's all

    It's like me saying "I'd like to race V8 Utes, so I must buy the most
    powerful ute available"... but it won't make me a racer. Or, and I
    know this from repeated bitter experience, "I must buy the best tools
    and a heap of wood for that DIY project I saw on TV"... only to endup
    with a pile of scrap wood and an invoice from Freedom or Hardly Normal.

    And on that note, does anyone else think the TV handymen/capenters are
    smart-arses who will be the first against the wall when the revolution
    comes? but I digress.
    Are you selling poster prints? Are you advertising such? Do you buy a
    commodore and expect it to driv well? (flame-proof suit on!) If a
    client asks for poster prints, hire the kit to do it and charge
    accordingly. Most stock agencies I've come across eem to want 6mp images.

    of course, if you want more megapixels without the cost, stick to film
    and have them professionally scanned - not minilab or home job, but a
    nice wet drum scan.
    Not "good enough", it's "damned fine" now.
    Yes, they probably will, but "soon" is not defined.

    Go the 6.1 - it's fine. plenty. Certainly enough for wedding/event.
    Master your photographic skills, and if you hit a commercial barrier
    caused by 'not enough pixels', then upgrade. The need then will be
    commercial, so the decision will be much easier and funded.

    Andrew :)
    Andrew Hennell, Sep 3, 2005
  4. Jasen

    Henrik Tived Guest

    there will be bigger and better just around the corner, and some will be

    good luck

    Henrik Tived, Sep 4, 2005
  5. Jasen

    ww Guest

    i have a 20 x 30 inch print from a minolta 7hi (5 meg) and its pretty good
    from a viewing distance of 1 metre or greater. Basically a 8 meg camera will
    only give you 15 to 16% more in length or width eg if you print a 6 meg at
    20x30 cm a 8 meg will only get you 23 x 35 cm, a 12 meg camera will give a
    50% increase so your 20 x 30 cm print becomes a 30 x 45 cm.

    Will you notice the difference between 8 and 6 meg - on the screen at 100%
    definately at 50 - 75% maybe probably not. Prints probably not.
    i am waiting for a 20 - 24 meg slr because that will have a significant
    increase over 6 meg ( 75 to 100% )

    As mentioned other things play a part - cleaness of the image, sensor size,
    tonal changes,
    Besides the Minolta is the best handling in the under $3000 bracket
    ww, Sep 4, 2005
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