Digital SLRs that record video?

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Sionnach, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. Sionnach

    Sionnach Guest

    As a number of others have already answered, there's no DSLR that can take
    videos. There are, however, digital video cameras that can take still shots
    to a seperate memory card. Whether those still shots are any GOOD, though, I
    haven't got a clue.

    I can also tell you that for getting pictures of dogs in motion (as I
    suspect you want to do), and/or getting shots from a distance, you're not
    going to get the same quality of pictures (especially stop-motion) with any
    sort of camera but an SLR.

    Sarah F.
    O-NATCH Brenin, CGC; AD; TN-E, TG-E, Elite Triple Superior
    NATCH Morag Thistledown, Triple Triple Superior, Novice,Open, & Elite
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    Sionnach, Jan 2, 2006
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  2. I know, a stupid question.

    I'm in the market for a digital SLR and am leaning toward the Nikon
    D70s. But I also need something that will take short videos. I hate the
    idea of lugging around two pieces of equipment (which I guess makes me
    not a very good photographer-type person -- what can I say, I'm a
    minimalist) so I was wondering, hoping. Is there a good digital SLR that
    also takes short videos? Sound is not necessary. I've seen lots of
    digicams that take short videos, but they are all point-and-shoot types.

    Fingers crossed, Melanie
    Melanie L Chang, Jan 2, 2006
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  3. On Mon, 2 Jan 2006 22:14:09 +0000 (UTC), in
    Ed Ruf (REPLY to E-MAIL IN SIG!), Jan 2, 2006
  4. Sionnach

    Alan Browne Guest

    In short no.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a minimalist in
    photography. Many great photogs were (and are) minimalists. Vision is
    not about equipment.

    There are excellent "ZLR"'s that do a great job on still images and also
    take video clips. These cameras have fixed in place zoom lenses, often
    of a very good quality. The K-M A2 and Z6, Sony DSC-H1, Nikon coolpix
    S4, Canon S2 IS are a few examples.

    In long:
    In an slr, up until you depress the shutter:
    The mirror is always down directing the image up to the viewfinder
    prism box and exposure meter.
    The shutter is closed preventing light from reaching the film
    The aperture is wide open until you release the shutter

    When you depress the shutter, the aperture is set, the mirror swings out
    of the way and then the exposure begins with the shutter openning. At
    the end of the (typically) brief sequence, all returns to the first
    state above.

    So, no, an SLR cannot take videoclips.

    Good luck.
    Alan Browne, Jan 2, 2006
  5. Nope. I don't think it will happen- for one thing, even if it is possible
    the manufacturers wouldn't implement it because a DSLR has a bigger sensor
    and cheaper lenses than any commercially available DV camcorder and would
    probably be much, much better at video than (for example) a Canon DM-XL2.
    And it probably ISN'T currently possible, as getting a sensor that large to
    record a full frame image 25 times per second- even reduced to TV
    resolution- would be intensely draining on the battery.

    Try a Canon 350D (Rebel XT) and a cheap Canon miniDV camcorder- they at
    least take the same batteries.

    Martin Francis, Jan 2, 2006
  6. If you want to take videos buy a video camera. If you want to take
    photographs get a dSLR.


    "I believe that all government is evil,
    in that all government must necessarily make war upon liberty...

    From "Mencken's Creed"
    H.L. Mencken (1880 -1956)
    John A. Stovall, Jan 3, 2006
  7. What's this about a dSLR having cheaper lenses than any DV camcorder?
    Canon L lenses just like those on my 20D can be used on Canon's XL2..
    You ever bought any L glass?

    Canon EOS series photography lenses w/EF adapter
    By using the optional EF adapter, you can match your XL2 to any one of
    the huge assortment of Canon EOS photography lenses. Since these
    lenses are designed for 35mm still photo cameras, and because the
    XL2's image plane is a bit smaller than one-third inch in size, there
    is a magnification factor of at least 7.8 applied to the focal length
    of the EOS lens, depending on which aspect ratio you're using. For
    instance, if you mounted a 200mm EOS lens on your XL2, the effective
    focal length works out to 1560mm, which is a much longer telephoto
    shot than the standard 20x video lens is capable of. When you use
    Canon's really big EOS lenses, such as the 400mm, 500mm and 600mm
    lenses, the resulting magnification is like turning the XL2 into a
    telescope... perfect for some limited applications such as
    surveillance or wildlife videography. It's also possible to mount a
    wide-angle prime lens, combined with a wide-angle adapter, to achieve
    a medium focal length video lens with the quality of Canon EOS glass.


    "I believe that all government is evil,
    in that all government must necessarily make war upon liberty...

    From "Mencken's Creed"
    H.L. Mencken (1880 -1956)
    John A. Stovall, Jan 3, 2006

  8. Go to:

    This camera can do videos at the standard 30 fps limited only by the
    size of the SD card installed.

    Plus a host of other features at a reasonable price.

    Grumpy AuContraire, Jan 3, 2006
  9. Sionnach

    ~ Darrell ~ Guest

    Except the FZ-30 is not a dSLR...
    ~ Darrell ~, Jan 3, 2006
  10. No doubt.
    I give up.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jan 3, 2006

  11. Oh boy, here we go again...

    Clearly, the individual was requesting a camera with a video capability.
    DSLR(s) come up short in that area.

    Grumpy AuContraire, Jan 3, 2006
  12. Sionnach

    cjcampbell Guest

    A DSLR cannot take video because of the nature of its shutter and
    mirror. This is why the DSLR can take pictures with no digital lag --
    it actually has a shutter and does not have to transmit an image to the
    LCD or anywhere else until after the photo is taken. Give the DSLR a
    video capability and you begin destroying the advantages a DSLR has
    over a point and shoot.

    A DSLR that took video would have to lock the mirror up and lock the
    shutter open, using a digital shutter like a point and shoot. It would
    probably require a different kind of sensor and additional hardware and
    software to make it work, and even then it would not work very well.
    Not only that, with the mirror locked up you could not use the
    viewfinder and a DSLR only displays the picture on the LCD after the
    picture is taken -- no picture preview on the LCD like the point and
    shoot cameras and therefore no using the LCD as a viewfinder.

    If you are a minimalist, you are probably better off avoiding the DSLR
    entirely. These cameras are heavier and tend to attract accessories in
    a way that would make Barbie green with envy.
    cjcampbell, Jan 3, 2006
  13. Sionnach

    Derry Argue Guest

    Just to be a pain, I have to point out that my PD150 digital camcorder also
    takes very nice still photographs which are stored on a separate memory

    Derry Argue, Jan 3, 2006

  14. Very nice, but is it as good as a real camera?

    My Sony camcorder can take digital stills but it is never as good as a real
    digital camera.

    My Fuji FinePix digital camera can take movies but it is never as good as a
    real camcorder.
    WannabeSomeone, Jan 3, 2006
  15. Sounds like a ZLR like the FZ30 may be the way to go then.
    Takes reasonable photos and does a rudimentary video.

    Gerrit 't Hart, Jan 3, 2006
  16. Sionnach

    ~ Darrell ~ Guest

    The question was clearly asking about dSLR, not small sensor point and
    shoots like the FZ-30.
    ~ Darrell ~, Jan 3, 2006

  17. And it was clearly pointed out (by others) that a DSLR could not do what
    the requestor wished.

    Are you really *that* thick?

    Grumpy AuContraire, Jan 4, 2006
  18. Grumpy AuContraire wrote:
    A limitation of DSLRs which will, one day, be lifted I'm sure.

    David J Taylor, Jan 4, 2006
  19. Sionnach

    Woollyzone Guest

    "David J Taylor"
    Like many of the good ideas which have been suggested in here in the way of
    dslr developments/improvements, I expect the manufacturers could include
    them all right now, but then they'd have shot themselves in the foot, as
    we'd have no reason to keep buying a new improved dslr every couple of
    Woollyzone, Jan 4, 2006

  20. I would have thought that a pellicle mirror would solve that, but...

    Grumpy AuContraire, Jan 5, 2006
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