Disappearing Effects in Premiere 6

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by P.C. Ford, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. P.C. Ford

    P.C. Ford Guest

    Trying to edit an interview. Unfortunately the director used the two
    cameras'(Sony 900 and 150)lcd screens to judge the lighting. Sooooo,
    since the screens were not set to any standard, (let alone coordinated
    with each other!!!) lighting is very dark on the interviewee. Also,
    there is a distracting light at the left edge of the frame. Probably
    not a big deal, may not on screen in NTSC. A five pixel crop can get
    rid of it. Likewise contrast/brightness will bring the interviewee
    into visibility, though it does not look great.

    I have edited the back and forth of the interview. Then I want to
    adjust the crop and contrast/brightness on the interviewee. The first
    problem is that I cannot block select all the clips on the timeline
    for the interviewee. Will only select one. Then I decided to do the
    effects on the entire unedited interviewee clip, render it, lay it one
    another track and duplicate the cuts that were already done. I render
    and everything looks fine. I save the project. However, when I do
    anything on project, the effects disappear!!!! Frustrating, since the
    render is an hour long.
    I must be missing something basic.
    Thanks in advance.

    firewire card only
    1 gig ram
    P.C. Ford, Aug 8, 2004
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