display external jpg on EOS 10D?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by peter, May 3, 2005.

  1. peter

    peter Guest

    (this is a repost; previous one no show)

    In order to run some tests on the EOS 10D's LCD display, I generated a jpg
    file with photoshop 6 and put it on a CF card which I then put in the
    camera. Unfortunately, it says "incompatible jpg format". Does anyone know
    how to make this work?
    peter, May 3, 2005
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  2. peter

    Paul Furman Guest

    Lots of people have reported problems with various cameras doing any
    sort of changes to the camera's memory card/image formatting. I think
    you are SOL (Sheet Out of Luck).
    Paul Furman, May 3, 2005
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  3. peter

    ASAAR Guest

    Try working backwards. Make a trivial edit of a jpg file taken
    from the EOS 10D and see if it can be copied back to the CF card and
    displayed. If that works, try it again, changing only the
    compression ratio. Did the horizontal and vertical dimension in
    pixels of the file you generated exactly match one of the 10D's

    Lastly, some cameras store only the JPG files on the flash cards.
    But some Canon PowerShot cameras not only store the JPG files, but a
    couple of database files in another subdirectory containing
    information about the JPG files. This is presumably used only by
    the camera (unless Canon's ZoomBrowser software also uses it). I
    don't know if the 10D also has database files on its cards in
    addition to the JPGs, but if it does, try renaming your computer
    generated JPG file to match one already on the card, and then
    replace it. If the 10D doesn't use these database files, then . . .
    never mind . . .
    ASAAR, May 3, 2005
  4. You could try my TVwriter program from:

    http://www.satsignal.net/ => Image Tools, TVwriter

    There's a free demo version for testing if it works. It will prepare a
    JPEG for in-camera viewing, including Canon G2, G3, G5, S45, S100, S200,
    S300, S410, S500, but it doesn't work for all cameras.

    David J Taylor, May 3, 2005
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