disposable cameras

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by PCportinc, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. PCportinc

    Polytone Guest

    bullshit. cvs prices are the same nationally.

    Polytone, Aug 3, 2003
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  2. Yes.....I understand that NASA is buying several dozen of them for their
    astronauts to take on missions to other planets.......
    William Graham, Aug 3, 2003
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  3. PCportinc

    K.chattenton Guest

    Hi from Ken in the UK,
    I carry one all the time in the 'Glove Box' of my car in case I have an
    accident and want details to send off to my insurance company ( a photo
    speaks a thousand words, or so I am told ).

    Cheers, have a great weekend, Ken UK.
    K.chattenton, Aug 3, 2003
  4. PCportinc

    parv Guest

    I am assuming that...

    - either action area would be large or far
    - 35mm lens
    - aperture, what, f/6-8
    - ISO 800 (given)

    ....would reach of the flash be enough to cover w/o light off?

    I would really love to get my hands on at least 2 copies. I be
    damned if i can find it (in E. West Virginia)!

    Is it available anywhere else in USA?

    - parv
    parv, Aug 4, 2003
  5. PCportinc

    Scott Guest

    Well gee, since it seems you know everything, why don't you solve the
    problems of world
    peace, global warning, and FTL engines?

    Oh, I am assuming the first word in your response signifies what you use to

    Have a nice day,
    Scott, Aug 4, 2003
  6. PCportinc

    Ron Todd Guest

    Give the Kodak MAX HQ a try ($9 at the local discount store). (1) the
    grain will be more significant because of the iso 800 film, but (2)
    the two element lens should give you an acceptable image at 8x10.

    Boycott list:

    Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, PRC, Iran, Syria,
    Hollywood, San Francisco, Massachusetts, New York City, Sierra Club, ACLU,
    Movies of the first blacklist, Turner, Madonna, S. Crowe, Dixie Chicks, Cher, U2, rapp,
    Trudeau, W.Miller, Disney, ABC news, CBS news, NBC news, CNN, PBS,

    Sometimes the only influence you have is to say, "No, I'm not buying."
    Ron Todd, Aug 4, 2003
  7. PCportinc

    Paul Handley Guest

    It was the Kodak Max HQ!

    Those cameras are great for the average consumer, and I'm not that critical
    myself, but the plastic or even glass lens is no match for my old trusty(?)
    Minolta Maxxum 7000. If they were, Camera makers like Minolta, Nikon, and
    Leitz, to name a few, would be out of business.
    Paul :)
    Paul Handley, Aug 5, 2003
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