DivX 5.1 needs mor that 6 times longer than DivX 5.0x for the same task ??????

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Mike Kleiber, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Mike Kleiber

    Mike Kleiber Guest

    After having installed DivX Pro 5.1 I tried to merge and compress a two-part (2 CD's)
    *.avi video movie into one single *.avi movie (Cd length).

    I tried to performed this task inside VirtualDub 1.5.4 as I did before dozends of times successfully
    with DivX 5.0x (e.g. 5.02).
    Surprisingly this task takes with DivX 5.1 approx. 6 times more !!!! time than with DivX 5.02
    on an Athlon 1800+ (almost 2 days vs 8 hours before).

    Why? Is there a option or trick ?

    How can I disable the feedback window which pops up?

    Mike Kleiber, Sep 27, 2003
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  2. Mike Kleiber

    Nath Smith Guest

    Try setting the encoding-speed-setting to normal instead to slowest. Normal
    appears to be the same as slowest in the 5.0x-releases. This increases speed

    Nath Smith, Sep 27, 2003
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  3. Mike Kleiber

    MD Vid Guest

    The following is a quote from the DivX forum at DivX in regards to the same
    question posed by many:
    There's a simple explanation for this

    Slowest mode in 5.05 = Standard mode in 5.1 (roughly).

    In 5.1, Slow/Slowest modes implement a new algorithm, known as the rate
    distortion algorithm. Essentially, the RD algorithm squeezes higher quality
    still out of any given bitrate by carefully choosing frame and block types
    in order to save bits while encoding.

    The quality improvements can be quite significant.

    A performance tip:
    Do all but your last pass in Standard mode with the MV file enabled. Then,
    disable the MV file (this is imporant) and switch to Slow or Slowest mode
    for your final pass. If you use Psycho-vis then you can also disable it
    until your second-last pass as long as you disable the MV file at this point
    (e.g. if you're doing 4 passes, turn on PV and turn off MV in pass 3).

    This can be quite a time saver

    MD Vid, Sep 28, 2003
  4. Mike Kleiber

    offa Guest

    offa, Sep 28, 2003
  5. Mike Kleiber

    ea913 Guest

    I don't think VirtualDub supports DivX 5.1
    VirtualDub supports DivX 5.1 fine, the author is just protesting that
    the copy protection included with 5.1 interferes with his programming
    ea913, Oct 7, 2003
  6. That is the problem. DivX 5.1 is not supported in VDub, because Vdub
    can't be debugged when encoding to DivX 5.1 (which is essential, if
    it must work correctly). People of DivX asserted (@Doom9) that this
    is a bug and not a feature. We just have to wait for DivX 5.1.1.

    Wilbert Dijkhof, Oct 7, 2003
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