DIY Telecining concept

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Dan, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Dan

    Dan Guest

    A while ago I asked about telecining since I go to a film school, and
    can develop all kinds of film myself at home already.. one of the last
    keys to economic and fast turn around on filming with actual film was

    I've come up with a (relatively) easy decent solution (finally).

    Just need a film projector, and a decent video camera, at our school,
    we can use the progressive HD Panasonic P2 cams which makes a good
    match for this..

    Film the projection, you may think youre throwing away resolution esp
    with non-square pixels, but this can be overcome... a while back on I saw an example of video stitching..

    Now with this it would take 4x as long to film the projection as the
    reel length, film it in parts (with overlap) for image stitching later
    on to effetively increase your resolution :)

    Sync up the tracks in a video editor, then export to tiff frames or
    whatever, then batch stitch it together :)

    With a third overlap, you should be looking at 2400 x 1800 (for
    1440x1080p non-square pix) for a widescreen image, which you can pull
    back to 2400 x 1350 square pixels.

    Wanted to share this concept in case people were thinking of
    telecining but wanted good resolution from their film :)
    Dan, Apr 9, 2009
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