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Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. But the Great Yellow Father hath abandoned me. His devine child
    Kodachrome, no longer can be found in the holy land. The magic soup to
    make pictures come of it, has been lost, and there is only one temple,
    to the deity Doo-ain, that has it, far off in a place called Kan-Zas in
    the land of Mehreecah.

    His silvery wizard, Try-ecks, has been replaced with a subcubus, called
    new and improved and given the number of the beast, 400.
    His son Plooz-ecks, has also been replaced and anoited with the lesser
    number 125 befitting his station in life.

    Their fine grandfather, Pan-ecks has died, and so has the magician
    Tek of the Pan clan.

    He has pushed upon us a faint shadow of Verry-Chrom and his son Verry-Chrom
    of the Pan clan, called Tea-Macks, who is half blind and is easily
    blinded by bright lights and can not see in the shadows.

    His daemons, KodaBromide, Medalist, Panalure, and their cousins were slain,
    along with their mates, Deck-Tahl, and Mike-Roh-Dahl, who have been replaced
    by the evil droids HC-110 and D-76.

    What is left of his empire is being destroyed by the great evil wizzard,
    Lord Dig-Eat-All, who once worked for the Great Yellow Father and now seeks
    to take over his empire and destroy him.

    It is indeed a dark time in the empire and we are praying that the
    Chinese Empire called Pee-Are-Cee, will be able to learn from the
    time they were allies with the Great Yellow Father, before Lord
    Dig-Eat-All took over and severed their partnership.

    That is why we asked if anyone had used their magic film called Loo-Key,
    or as it seems, Lee-Key.


    Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Sep 22, 2008
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  2. Richard Knoppow wrote:

    Oh well, I was making a joke, which obviously fell flat. :-(
    That of course, has varied over time. Ilford has made some good films,
    and IMHO their current incarnation of Pan-F much better than the Kodak,
    oh yeh, they don't have one.

    However if you remember IlfoChrome film from the 1980's, you can do nothing
    but agree with Richard.

    Agfa did some really good things over the years, such as Rodinal, which
    is still a good developer, well over 100 years after being "invented".
    They also were able to break the "speed barrier" of film, being stuck at
    what is now ISO 80, but something we call the Second World War, put
    an end to that.

    They also had some monumental failures, remember "Rapid" cameras? They
    took 35mm film in a two way cassette. You put it in the camera and
    the film went from the new cassette to the old one, which had to
    be moved to the take-up position.

    I always liked their monochrome print paper, but never really thought much
    of their film.

    Eastern European companies seem to have gotten the 1920 vintage
    film manufacturing process pretty much, and to be honest, I would
    love to have a good supply of KB14 whether it says Adox, Efke, or
    Orwo on it.
    Yes, they still make some films, which is more than Agfa and Konica
    do, whose films I have used over the years.

    Ektar is a ray of hope for me that there is some film capturing the light
    at the end of the tunnel, and it's not OLED's.

    Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Sep 23, 2008
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  3. Geoffrey S. Mendelson

    Peter Guest

    I visited Photokina, yesterday. I wandered all over the show and
    noticed a booth that Lucky had. They were selling the 100 speed B&W
    film. I asked their representative about the anti-halation backing.
    He said "huh". After discussing it a while, he admitted that he
    didn't know what that is. Perhaps they are not training the folks
    they send to the show, but it is also consistent with the discussion
    that there is none.
    Peter, Sep 25, 2008
  4. I've never been to a professional photo show, but companies at show
    I've been to are judged by the quality and price of their give away items
    and the size and amount shown of the "girls" handing out things.

    If can look at their face long enough to have a conversation with them, you
    find out they are locals hired for the shows. :)

    The pretty ones do booths, the less pretty ones do registration and brocures
    and the plain ones sell food.

    At one computer show here, IBM set up an espresso bar staffed by pretty
    girls. I had to wait 15 minutes in line just to get close enough to ask
    one of the sales people for a brocure on a product on display, and I was
    the first person to ask. :)

    Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Sep 26, 2008
  5. I remember from the shows I've been to (Comdex in Las Vegas a long time
    ago) that the girls were known as "booth bunnies".
    David Nebenzahl, Sep 26, 2008
  6. Geoffrey S. Mendelson

    Peter Guest

    Well, yes, I understand these points. I also understand that for a
    person from China coming to Germany talking to an English speaker from
    one of England's distant colonies with a NY accent (no less) there
    might be a language problem. Even so, Photokina exhibitors tend to
    have technical people at the booths (yes, the big 35mm camera
    purveyors have lots of pretty girls). For example, in the past, the
    Schneider booth had the possibility to answer hard questions and if
    they were hard enough they would go to the back and bring out the
    person who designed the lens (quite impressive, actually).

    I felt sure that despite all these points, their representative did
    eventually understand my question and did not know the answer. It was
    clearly a point he had not been briefed on. Even so he was exhibiting
    samples of the 100 speed B&W film and insofar as he was typical of
    others at the show, he probably would like to find a distributor for
    his products.
    Peter, Sep 26, 2008
  7. Geoffrey S. Mendelson


    Oct 20, 2008
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    have a nice day

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    chalee, Oct 31, 2008
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