Do you have Opinions on SONY DCR VX2100 Prosumer camera?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Incisive32, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Incisive32

    Incisive32 Guest


    I'm thinking of buying this camera.

    I plan to use it for shooting podcasts. I also may try to make a low
    budget film.

    Opinions on quality, endurance, flexibility, adaptability, service?

    How does it compare to the VX2000--is it worth buying the newer model?

    How is the audio quality?

    Anything else I should know?

    Many thanks.
    Incisive32, Jul 23, 2006
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  2. Incisive32

    Steve King Guest

    I forget what differences exist between the VX2000 and the VX2100. I know
    that there were many web pages that did head-to-head comparisons. You
    should be able to find them with a Google search. I have a VX2000. It is a
    very good camera for the price. Excellent low-light performance in this
    category, i.e., around $2500 new. I did a couple of shoots with a GL1. I
    preferred the VX2000. I've done a couple of shoots with the Panasonic
    DX100. It has better audio (better signal to noise, wider freq. response)
    than the Sonys, but it is more money. For the purposes you specify, the
    Sony should work great. The VX2100 is $2,299 at B&H. I'd buy new in this
    price range. If you could find a lightly used VX2000, and were certain of
    that, it would be a bargain at $1,500. Maybe a little more if it came with
    a few accessories like a wide-angle lens.

    Steve King
    Steve King, Jul 23, 2006
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