do you think film cameras are going to disappear?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Frederic Dazet, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Thanks for the advice. So far I've got 1678 photos, taken between
    04-11 & 03-29. Two more have been taken with the camera, but a
    technologically adept subject removed them rather hastily. I've thrown
    nothing away. I figure one of the advantages of digital is not having
    to throw anything away; archival costs are nothing.
    I definitely don't throw *anything* away. Most, if not all, of the
    "trash" photos are beyond hope for fixing up with Photoshop, at least
    with what was available up until 5.5 (the last version I used). But I
    *believe* some properly constructed filters might go a long way
    towards cleaning up a lot of the photos.

    My current profession is as a help desk analyst supporting managers of
    units of a national restaurant chain, which I've been doing about 4
    months. Prior to that, I've got 11 years of experience authoring image
    processing functions for the engraving segment of the textile printing
    industry. I took a pay cut to go to the engraving company years ago
    because it afforded me the opportunity to author image processing
    software, which was already somewhat of a hobby of mine. Between
    myself and a friend, who also wrote image processing software for fun
    (and thus worked there), we wrote a system that provided some
    extremely powerful (and fast) image processing functions. Our software
    has had the ability for at least 7 years to be able to process images
    with 32 bit pixel counts. I *really* regret not being around those
    36"x48" drum printers or the 36"x150' roll feds now. :)

    Still, the best results come from the best captures, so that's where I
    need to focus my attention now. And to start building a mental catalog
    of what works and what doesn't. :) This camera's got so many options
    I'm sure I'll be busy for a while. Sadly enough, I'm still using it
    pretty much as a P&S with a good zoom; gotta break that habit.
    I'm reasonably pleased with my efforts so far, but then again my goals
    aren't that high. :) Of the few shots I've shown to a few others
    (except for the obvious foul ups), nobody's said anything negative
    about the images. I'm pleasantly surprised by the number of request
    for prints I've had.

    As for throwing the bad ones away, it's a daunting task to figure out
    which need to go. :-D

    Thanks again for the encouragement and suggestions,

    David W. Poole, Jr., Apr 12, 2004
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