Does It Mean that Contax/Carl Zeiss has Died

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by narke, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. narke

    narke Guest

    i got a Contax 135 SLR body and a Zeiss Lens. so i strongly care about
    the news. if I want another 135mm SLR manual body and aother 135mm
    Lens, if or not the news means that i have to get them from used
    market? had the big brand died?

    i really love film and zeiss maual lens. i do not so much like

    narke, Apr 21, 2005
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  2. narke

    PhotoMan Guest

    What did the news say?
    PhotoMan, Apr 21, 2005
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  3. narke

    narke Guest

    Kyocera to stop production of Contax cameras ...
    narke, Apr 22, 2005
  4. narke

    PhotoMan Guest

    Looks like you answered your own question.
    PhotoMan, Apr 22, 2005
  5. narke

    narke Guest

    Looks like you answered your own question.

    but, what do we do, those people owned contax/cz and desire a upgrade
    in future?

    narke, Apr 22, 2005
  6. narke

    Jeremy Guest

    You buy used or you go digital. Only you can decide if being orphaned by
    your camera manufacturer is something you can live with. And only you can
    decide if you want to continue acquiring equipment that is going to have
    limited support for parts and service. I would think that professionals may
    be rethinking whether they can hang onto a system from which they earn their
    livings, if that system is dead.

    It is something we will see more of. It appears that Nikon may offer the
    best prospect for film users, but even they will one day have to deal with
    the fact that the market has shrunk to the point that further R&D, and
    factory retooling, is not worth the amount of their investment.

    How long before Kodak film is all imported from China?

    Bronica has thrown in the towel. Leica is on very unsteady footing.
    Minolta merged with Konica, and probably is headed in the direction of all
    digital. Canon seems poised to be the king of the hill in the digital
    equipment marketplace, and they probably are not going to care whether their
    film gear remains available much longer.

    Ken Rockwell made an interesting observation on his web site. 35mm, he
    said. was no longer being utilized professionally by news photographers, who
    have all gone digital, and that makes 35mm a strictly amateur format.
    Without the professional users, where is the need for Nikon to keep making
    an F6? Pentax got out of the professional 35mm market years ago, when they
    retired the LX.

    I am beginning to think that film will live on, not so much in 35mm which is
    rapidly being overtaken in quality by digital, but in medium and large
    format cameras. Even MF is seeing a consolidation, now that digital backs
    are becoming available to professionals.

    I am not particularly happy to watch film's demise, but the market forces
    are powerful, and digital is becoming to film what cable and satellite have
    become to rooftop TV antennas. Some things just can't be held back.

    If any company attempts to resurrect the Contax brand of cameras, you can
    bet that it will be a low-cost Chinese outfit, that will make relatively
    shoddy goods and will hope to benefit from the brand name's ability to
    attract buyers.

    Sorry to be so pessimistic.
    Jeremy, Apr 22, 2005
  7. You do what I have been doing my entire life. (I am 69) You just find
    something else to do the job for you and hope that the world doesn't find
    out you like/own it and let it go out of business too.....If I were to make
    up a list of all the things that I liked and wanted, but now that I can
    afford them they are no longer made, it would use up all my spare paper. I
    could use up several reams just telling you the horror stories of things
    that I found, bought, and then ran back to the store to buy a dozen of them,
    only to find out that they were all out, and the company is out of business,
    and they weren't going to get any more.......Some day I'll write a
    William Graham, Apr 22, 2005
  8. Buy Leica, whuich they should have done to begin with...
    uraniumcommittee, Apr 22, 2005
  9. narke

    Matt Clara Guest

    You can cry in your beer. Oh wait, you already are...
    Matt Clara, Apr 22, 2005
  10. narke

    narke Guest

    Buy Leica, whuich they should have done to begin
    but Leica can not mount my CZ lens
    narke, Apr 23, 2005
  11. narke

    narke Guest

    35mm, he said. was no longer being utilized
    i think the professioners who using 35mm are not only news
    photographers. i think 35mm is not only because its cheaper, it exists
    because it is easy in so many situations. if 35mm film die, how about
    those new age H-C Bresson?
    narke, Apr 23, 2005
  12. narke

    Gordon Moat Guest

    The older manual focus gear is very rugged, and should last quite a long time
    into the future. That applies to Contax and Nikon. With some of the earlier
    autofocus gear, I think that as the electrics fail, these will need to be
    retired. If the OP has fairly good condition old equipment, then it should be
    able to continue to be used.
    Or South America, or Eastern Europe. Actually, the Kodak and Fuji
    representatives indicated that film sales are still good in parts of the world,
    though they have declined in North America (not including one-time-use cameras
    in the numbers).
    Indeed, while at the PhotoImaging & Design Expo this week, Tamron did have a
    large both. The presence of Bronica was a handful of brochures, but no cameras
    or lenses.
    They won't disappear, but they have become less relevant, and even more of a
    niche. Maybe 10000 cameras world-wide as a sales potential, meaning that most
    revenues will need to come from elsewhere . . . perhaps the Leica branded
    lenses on video cameras, and digital stills cameras of other companies.
    Actually, Sony has been the top seller. While those of us in this news group
    like to only notice SLR bodies (film or digital), the bulk of sales in direct
    digital imaging has been P&S style (unless you count camera phones).
    No . . . really . . . I didn't think that was possible.
    Some of the guys at <> who are still working would
    disagree with that. Of course, photojournalism is nearly 90% direct digital,
    mostly due to deadlines. There are still some dedicated individuals shooting
    film, and getting paid to do so.
    I think the word "strictly" somewhat overstates the issue. However, 35 mm is
    not used as much professionally as in the past. Those that are using it
    professionally are likely doing something other than photojournalism.
    The F4 and F5 never sold in large numbers, compared to all the other SLR body
    sales. The F6 is a flagship product, and the best effort to meet the needs of
    demanding professionals that still use film. Think about it, they could do a
    few runs of production, and has enough inventory to meet demand for a while.
    Also, at the PhotoImaging & Design Expo this week, the F6 was getting a good
    deal of interest from professionals, and quite a few F6 brochures were picked
    up too.
    There have been some nice films introduced recently. Some might argue that
    there is less variety, or they miss their favourite of the past, but there are
    now some nice choices that give great results.
    No problem . . . . . Anyway, my guess would be the Contax name only continuing
    with the 645. It would be speculation on who would continue the camera. Sinar
    might have an interest in the system, though I doubt many more lenses would
    appear in the future. That Contax 645 is a nicely ergonomic, well balanced
    camera, and so far supported by several digital back choices. I doubt any 35 mm
    Contax gear will re-appear in the future under a new company.
    Gordon Moat, Apr 24, 2005
  13. narke

    narke Guest

    Gordon, thanks for showing hopes on the road. As you said, my Contax
    gears all manual focused (actually, the body is Aria), so I do not
    worry about things like repair, I only care about upgrade. I wanted to
    buy a new lens in the future but I knew I can only get a used one.

    narke, Apr 25, 2005
  14. narke

    james Guest

    Tomorrow's Bresson will do things with a digital camera that the
    non-geniuses before him never imagined.

    It had not occurred to me that "film is dying." The hippie in me sees
    film as an environmental disaster, though, and I won't be sad if it
    diminishes. I used to live 50 miles from an Eastman plant; the air
    would stink to high heaven around the plant, and there was a pocket of
    severe health problems near that plant. Official word is there is no
    correlation, but that never convinced me.

    Now, digital cameras may have similar overall environmental impacts, I
    don't know.
    james, Apr 26, 2005
  15. Most plants do, and they don't have to, but in order to compete price-wise
    on the open world market, they can't afford to clean up their output waste
    products. If the US consumer would be willing to put up the extra bucks, and
    not buy everything from China and friends, then we could make/enforce laws
    that clean up the environment here in our neck of the
    woods....Unfortunately, we have little control over how much China and the
    rest of the world clean up their environment. I have many friends here that
    come from Northeastern Europe. I have never met one that didn't drink
    strictly bottled water. To a man, they won't touch tap water with a ten foot
    pole....That tells me a lot about the environmental situation in places like
    Poland and Czechoslovakia.......
    William Graham, Apr 26, 2005
  16. narke

    Alan Browne Guest

    Chip making is pretty ugly in this respect. On the whole, probably less
    impactful than film.
    Alan Browne, Apr 26, 2005
  17. narke

    Ed.Austin Guest

    Actually not. Zeiss own the Contax trademark although because of
    contractual qualifications cannot use it for 2 years. Expect Zeiss to
    market Contax after this, perhaps a new range of SLR Digital or MF.
    Ed.Austin, Jan 5, 2006
  18. narke

    Jeremy Guest

    Where'd you hear that rumor?

    In another 2 years, the Contax name and reputation will have faded into the
    background. Who is Zeiss going to get to manufacture their cameras and

    Much as I dislike saying it, the future seems to belong to Casio, Panasonic,
    Sony and HP--all of which had no prior reputation in cameras or optics. The
    golden age of German lensmakers and their precision designs seems to have
    been eclipsed by Far East firms that started by making transistor radios . .

    Technology advances can be real killers. Who would have thought that
    Western Union would have gotten out of the telegram business, just as
    Everyman got email on his PC, laptop or wireless phone? Or who'd have
    thought that AT&T would have gone from being one of the most stable
    moneymakers in the world to being sold for pennies on the dollar in only 2
    Jeremy, Jan 6, 2006
  19. narke

    Annika1980 Guest

    Carl Zeiss has been dead for over 100 years. Get over it.
    Annika1980, Jan 7, 2006
  20. narke

    Joseph Kewfi Guest

    Carl Zeiss has been dead for over 100 years.

    and still making money...
    Joseph Kewfi, Jan 7, 2006
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